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Found 2 results

  1. Boskraai

    Moving To Usa 2016

    Hello Everybody! My husband, two grown daughters and I are headed for the US of A. The company my husband works for got bought by an American firm about two years ago. At that time our oldest daughter, then in her teens, was suffering from Chronic Fatigue (ME) and we started toying with the idea of moving to the US to get her treatment. She was miraculously healed last year April, but by then we'd got the bit between our teeth! Our youngest daughter (19 now) has been admitted to a community college in Iowa and is due to start in August, our oldest is busy applying at the Savannah College of Art and Design to start in Sept and my husband has been offered a job in Atlanta. The company will pay for most of our transfer there. But, the thing that is driving me absolutely wild is the time the company is taking to come back to us on anything. It took them 6 months to make a verbal offer. (btw, it is an inter-company transfer, so how hard can it get!) We are due to leave our home in Durban in 6 week's time for hubby to be in Atlanta in time to start work, but the company has not yet done anything about our visas (which they said they would take care of so I cannot just go ahead and do it). Our house still needs to sell, I still need to find work for my maid and gardener and a home for my one dog (the other three pets are coming with). And the SA economy is so down that in the first 4 weeks of having our house on the market, no-one came to look at it!! The stress is killing me!!! I'm sure you're all familiar with the situation... But, on the positive side, we are as prepared for the trip as can be. We know that we'll have to do without friends, family, maid, gardener, Afrikaans, rooibos tea and mieliepap. We know that moving to a foreign country means keeping your mouth shut, smiling widely and ADAPTING like mad. We've done it before and can do it again. Hubby and I want to have one Grand Adventure before we grow old, and this is IT. So, nou ja, nou weet julle ook wie ek is. Thanks a million for this site! It is my go-to place for comfort and information.
  2. Gieds

    New Beginning

    Good morning, I am new to this Forum site and I just want to commend the members for the vast amount of information and assistance on this site. I travelled to the USA in April 2014. I travelled with 6 friends. During our trip the 7 of us visited a few States and loved every moment of being in the USA. After the trip, all of us decided to enter the DV Lottery when it opened in October 2014. I was the only one who actually entered the DV Lottery in the end - my friends were lazy and forgetful. At the time I didn't think much of it because I did not know if it was real and what it would mean. After I entered I forgot about it and only checked if I was successful again in May 2015. There were some issues with the system initially and I could not view my status. I tried to check every day but with no luck. On the fourth day after the results were supposed to be available I checked again just before going to bed. I was about to forget the entire thing and just move on with my life when I saw the following message: "You have been randomly selected for further processing in the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program for the fiscal year 2016 (October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016)." I did not know about this forum therefore I had no one to help me with advise, preparation etc. When I found this forum sometime around August 2015 I was super relieved. I only had the DV Lottery website as guidance on which documents to get in place. I immediately applied for my unabridged birth certificate and police clearance (not knowing that the interview will only be scheduled much later - I applied for it again recently to ensure it is less than 6 months old). I have a very high case number AF43xxx. Therefore I truly hope that I will get the opportunity to go for an interview. It looks like the African numbers are progressing very slowly. Does anyone know of someone who also had a high case number in the past and were successful? I have a good job in SA but I do not want to give up this opportunity to go to the USA. I believe this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I studied Chemical Engineering and I have 5 years working experience. Any engineers that may have good advice as to where will be the best to apply for work??? With the low oil price I am currently just grateful to have a job in SA. But I believe the USA has ample opportunities. Will it be easy to get a job in the USA as an engineer? I would love to travel a bit in the USA before settling down to work full time again. But who knows. That is my story in short. Thanks again for this forum - it sure puts my mind at easy to see how many SA'ns are living in the USA. Kind regards, G