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Found 1 result

  1. Good Day All Just to introduce myself. My wife, daughter and I currently stay in Durban and have been for the last 3.5 years. Previously we stayed in Secunda where I worked for Sasol. We have recently decided to emigrate to the USA and I have been getting a lot of very valuable information from this forum and also elsewhere on the net. There are however some questions I have and would appreciate any assistance given. I am currently working for Fluor and have close on 10 years experience in the oil and energy sector. From what I can see, the only way you can only get into the US on a work visa if you have a job offer. I am trying for an intercompany transfer which I understand is a visa category L and which is possibly the best and most secure way to get in? Other alternative is on an H1-B visa but again this requires a job offer. I have seen that some people go over without one but I can't see an avenue that this is possible except perhaps a tourist visa to allow you to attend job interviews? In my field, it would seem that the place to be is in the south and most probably Texas. Is this correct? From a job search it would seem that there are many jobs available here. I have also created an 'american' resume following the extensive recommendations on the web and have applied for a couple of jobs recently via LinkedIn. I try to customize them based on the job. This is time consuming of course and I would like to know if it is worth while? I have seen quite a few people that have received job offers this way. In some cases they ask if I am authorized to work in the US but i'm not sure what this means? Can I register somewhere and get proof that I am authorized or the like? Logic tells me that I would probably first go over myself to start work (probably within a month or two of accepting a job) then a few months later my wife and daughter would come over. Is this realistic timing or should we expect something different? Thanks in advance, all of the valuable information on this forum is very helpful!
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