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Found 2 results

  1. About Us We are producers and quality sellers of real and fake documents. We process and produce documents that you can use to travel and work in any part of the world. Our real documents are valid and registered in the required government database system. As for our fake documents they look 100% real and can also be used for travel but that is done at the clients risk. We advice clients who want to use their documents for travel to always go in for the real documents. Registered passport of all countries, Visas, Biometric Passport, Degrees, Driver's License, ID cards, and more. Contact Us Whatsapp No: +1 (304)506-6032 Telegram: legitplugdeals Email: jamesluiz[at]protonmail.com
  2. Hi everybody, I've been reading a few posts and I know finding a job in the States is going to be difficult. I have a B1/B2 visa. So just travel and perhaps I can go for a few networking opportunities. Have anybody found any luck with Finance Leadership Programs? These programs are geared toward students that just graduated and need to get some financial experience in the business world. They generally last for 2-3 years. Have a Bcom Accounting Degree, Bcom Hons in Financial Management and an Advanced Diploma of Cost and Management accounting with CIMA. I also have 2 years experience as a cost and management accountant. So I'm thinking that perhaps I could apply for these Finance Leadership programs for young professionals and perhaps have a tiny bit of a chance since I will be competing against others that just came out of college. My plans is now to ask them to sponsor me for a J1 Exchange visa. My girlfriend is American, we plan on getting married in the future, but we don't want to get married just for the sake of getting into the country. Please, if anybody has some experience regarding the above could you help? Kind regards, Janco Bronkhorst
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