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New Registration Requirements

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The moderator team has decided in a unanimous decision that from now on we will require that posters of new topics as well as responders to existing discussions be registered (and logged in) as members of SAUSA. Reading of existing articles will not be restricted and any visitor will be given unhampered access to the knowledge base of information that we have accumulated over the years. Our main mandate remains firstly to assist prospective South African immigrants to the USA with advice and experience in order to make their transition to life in the USA as easy and pleasant as possible. Secondly, we encourage the use of the forum for existing immigrants to network and socialize through the forum.


The recent increase in "trolling" on our site and others like it has heightened the maintenance of the forum for all of the moderators to the point where stricter measures are called for. We are all volunteers and we frankly do not have time to deal with continued abuse of the forum we all love so dearly. Registration as a requirement for posting has been a last resort, but we feel that it's the only way to ensure at least some form of accountability by posters. In summary just the following guarantees once again:

  • We are a non-profit organization, and we don't sell your email address or contact details to anyone. We value your privacy.

  • Prospective members are free to use a Hotmail or Yahoo account for privacy if they wish.

  • We do not send out any emails other than the occasional admin notice, but even these are kept to a minimum.

  • Do read the different topics in the Help section to familiarize yourself with the benefits of membership and to put your mind at ease about our commitment to you.
We hope you will continue to enjoy SAUSA for what it was meant for, and we look forward to have our regular visitors join us as members.


For those who have registered in the past, but who cannot remember their passwords or login name, just drop us a line at this NOSPAMsausa.org]email (remove the word NOSPAM), provide us with as much information as possible, and we will try to get you back online as soon as possible!



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