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SAUSA, Mission and Perceptions

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It has been a while since we last posted a general missive to you, our SAUSA membership, and of course guests who just visit to read about a South African perspective on life in the USA. We have seen a distinct increase in posting levels in the past six months or so, certainly good news after a rather slow start for well over a year. We thank you for your support and contributions to our forum!


Our overall mission is to offer support to our fellow South Africans who are considering relocating to the United States or have already made the move. At SAUSA we embrace all South Africans, and also welcome those who have an interest in our wonderful country.


The host team has noticed a recent increase in the number of "political" discussions on the forum. We understand that politics are an integral part of the decision to emigrate from South Africa. Secondly, we do not wish to limit our members’ rights of free expression, something that "The Land of the Free" holds in very high regard. These debates often lead to griping however, and have the potential to offend and alienate. We believe they could create an unbalanced perception of South Africans in general.


Although we encourage lively discussion and diverse viewpoints, we would like you to be mindful of our overall mission. The host team will act to protect the overall integrity of SAUSA. You will have noticed by now that there is a new sub-forum under General: The Cooler. This is an attempt by the host team to subtly indicate when we consider a discussion topic to be on the verge of becoming unacceptable. We will do our level best never to completely remove a posting, but rather to move it to The Cooler, and so allow it to "cool off". So when you see a discussion moved to The Cooler, just be a little more careful how you proceed with your replies. ;)


We trust that you, our members, will continue to help us build an online community that we can all be proud of, and thank you for your continued support.


The HostTeam

March 16, 2005

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