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We are back on the air!

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Howdy folks!


Yes, we are back in action. Just a short report on what happened to our dear forum in the last few days.


Most of you (logging in via a browser cookie or otherwise) would have encountered the dreaded MySQL error that problably haunted you and gave you nightmares the last few days! This was as a result of our friendly ISP, Invision, who, in their infinite wisdom, decided to upgrade the version of MySQL (the database engine on which SAUSA relies). This caused havoc for us because there are some incompatibilities between the old version and the new one, and the version of the forum software we were using had used some of the older, now extinct, functionality.


So ... we had to get "upgraded". We are now running the very latest version of Invision Powerboard, 2.0.4, with a whole host of new features which we will try to explain as time goes by.


You would have noticed that our look-and-feel is gone too. That is because the old "skin" is not compatible with this new version, and so we will have to bring back the green-n-gold over the next few weeks.


But at least we are back UP and RUNNING!


On behalf of the Host team I would like to offer my sincerest apologies for the discomfort and deprivation you have had to endure the last few days. I wish we could make up for it somehow. ;)


Hmm, even the smilies are screwed!

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