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San Francisco

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Wow, did we have fun or did we have fun! :ilikeit:

I almost turned around and left as the place was not my usual hangout. Saying that, I believe this is what made the evening even more fun. :unsure:

Having no ‘skaam’ we Salsa’ed to start the evening off. Our instructor was very brave and taught us well - until we had to change partners. Oh boy, that was a lesson in itself. :blush:

The live band started after the classes and surprised me by being incredible good. The locals effortlessly resumed places and wound their way around the dance floor in a way that reminded me of my “Tuckies” adventures!. Unbelievable dancing. :cowboy:

It was then that we decided to tackle The Bull…… another oh boy, what an experience! After signing our lives away, we saddled up, held on and flew off! Done! :blink:

Next was the line dance, or just dance….. :bouncey:

It was a great evening with good company and fantastic entertainment. Thank you to all that made the effort and for the rest - you really missed out on a good laugh but there is always a next time.


It has been a while since I posted any pictures, I hope this works!





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Have to agree, not our usual place BUT defintately willing to go again - really enjoyed the company, the band, the dances, the beers and hey even the odd country and western song - so cant wait for the next one :ilikeit:


For anyone who was interested as to the banning of the white t-shirts - sorry to dissapoint ;) but definately not the wet T-shirt competion AND nope again to any wife beaters - the place was full of nice decent folk ......SO .......on finding just possibley the hugest bouncer that I have seen since my Joburg rave days - he was kind enough to hint (too politically correct to state definately) that it represents gang culture - for those who are still interested :grads: it would seem for it to be gang culture that the t-shirt would have to have absolutely NO symbol or emblem or writing at all and also be the size of a ladies sleep shirt - so there you have it folks - the huge mystery solved :bouncey:

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14th Annual KFOG KaBoom

Saturday, May 12, 2007, 4 - 10pm

Piers 30/32, San Francisco


May is just around the corner! Is anyone interested in doing a get together in San Francisco? I have been twice and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The bands are good and the firework display is one of the best I have ever seen. It's a fun evening for the whole family - (I just know there will be no fog!)


More info at www.kfog.com

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