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Hey friends!!!! :D Im asking a bit of assistance.... i am a fitness trainer, and i want to work and even immagrate to usa, my job is great and i can virtualy find work anyware, even more so in the states.. i have already spoken to a company keen to see me, now what should i do? i work for myself and personaly with my clients, i always show great passion in what i do therefore i get into gyms and working with people easily, no problem with hiring me.. but they need me to be in the states, what tipe of visa should i apply for? and how should i go about the procedure? must i go to the embasy, apply for H1b, or maybe a holiday visa or visitors visa, just to get in and get hired. but lets say they want to hire me, what then? should i ask them to apply on my behalf for a work permit, H1b visa, or what? i virtualy work for myself and thats why its easy for me.. visas just confuse me ;) , anyone with a bit of help, maybe you know someone in the same situation. should i go to the embasy or should i get an atorny, or should i go to the states on a visitors visa and get a job 1st???


I have family that has immigrated to USA, maybe that fact can help me... ;)



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Welcome to SAUSA Personal Trainer. Ironic, I just came back from the gym.


my job is great and i can virtualy find work anyware, even more so in the states.


I believe you are in one of those unique professions where you just may be right. Especially in the US with the high obesity rate and focuss on fitness. However, it may pose some problems with certain types of visas.


i have already spoken to a company keen to see me, now what should i do?


Now you need to find out which legal avenues you can use to obtain a visa that will allow you to live and work in the US. You need to get a visa.


what tipe of visa should i apply for? ...H1b, or maybe a holiday visa or visitors visa,


I believe a visitor and holiday visa may just be one and the same thing. Anywho, it is possible to come to the states on one of those and get about finding a job. However you will still need to change over to a visa that allows you to stay for longer than the short period allowed by the visitors visa and one that allows you to actually accept a position. Its possible to do it like that but more tecnical and you will probably add time to the whole procedure. Btw, its how I did it and I dont recomend it as a good way to get an employment based visa.


and how should i go about the procedure?


Employment based visas require you to have an employer file an application on your behalf stating that they need you to work for them, they have shown that they cannot fill your position with somebody local and that they will pay you the prevailing wage. There are also certain rules in place like minimum educational and/or experience etc. So first you find somebody who wants to give you a job and is willing to help out with a sponsorship.


must i go to the embasy


You could but I'm guessing it may be a waste of a day. If you are ready to file an application then get an attorney. I would recomend a US based immigration attorney. They will know exactly what to do, when and where. Its a little more money than doing it yourself (which is very possible) but then again they do it every day, all day long. I'm thinking they may know a thing or two about it. Btw, I'm not an attorney. At this point they will apply for the visa ( H1 -B ) and when you get it you come. Right now they are actually moving along with the processing of these visas a a good rate and its taking about 6-9 months to get - mine took 18 months because I came here on a visitors visa and stayed. OK one other thing about H1's - they only issiue a certain number every year and this year they were all used up in 3 days!! Thats why you need to get everything in line, have the attorneys get the paperwork done before so you file the moment they open next year (or whenever).


visas just confuse me


Wait untill you have to drive on the wrong side of the road, drinking a protein smoothie and trying to answer a cellphone at the same time. Yep its confusing. There are also several other types of visas. If you have enough money you can "buy" your way in, you can do a business visa, student, etc. Get a pro to evaluate your particular situation and advise on the best way for YOU.


maybe you know someone in the same situation.


Just about everybody in SA? Sorry its a bad joke but sadly, I believe, very true.


should i get an atorny




or should i go to the states on a visitors visa and get a job 1st???


You could, but come to scope out the lay of the land, find an employer, get an offer, get in contact with an attorney, and make sure everyhing is ready to file.


I have family that has immigrated to USA, maybe that fact can help me...


Unless your parents are here and you are under 21 thats not going to help you much, sorry to say.




I have lots but they are mostly the ravings of a lunatic. Do, however, spend some time in going through the Immigration sections of our Forum. There are past posts and discussions that will answer a lot of questions that you dont know you have yet. Seriously, there is valuable info there.


At the end of the day I can tell you that it will not be easy or fast, it will take a lot of hard work and perseverance, and that it is very much worth all the effort!



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I agree with everything Toks said.

Just a word of advice - NEVER say to any emigration or embassy official that you plan to come and stay or work here.

Stick to the visa type you have, if you have a visitors visa, then your SOLE purpose is to visit and not to do job interviews or anything else.

Telling them you are coming for a work interview is the surest way to get your visa denied or being put on the next plane back to SA.

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Yup, H1B is probably what you'd need. The feedback you received was correct in terms of how quickly they are grabbed up, usually within a couple of days (each year the demand is higher as the number of visas available hasn't kept up with demand). Anyway, the application process starts on 1st of April every year, and you need to have it submitted that morning, or it will be too late. It takes a couple of months to process and if successful your H1B visa will be valid from 1st of October that same year. You will not be allowed into the country before that date, so there is a long wait time between applying and actually being able to start working. It is very challenging to get these Visas, your odds might actually be better to apply for the greencard lottery, unless you know someone at a company in the US who really likes you and is prepared to go through all the trouble of doing this. Also note that it costs around $1000 to apply for this visa, that is without lawyer costs, even if you application gets denied.


Hope this is helpful. I know a couple of people who pulled this off, and the payoff is worth it, so best of luck to you.

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Thanks Everyone!!!! youre all very helpful!! what if i get a student visa??? i study, work part time.. can i be on a student visa and get a work permit as well? to work and study part time? im sure i could get a company to help me to a great extent once i have worked for them and proven myself.. I could maybe like Dieter said, get them to go through all the trouble for me when it comes to applying for H1b's.


They advised me to go on a student visa, thats why im asking, and i want to study anyhow.. i want to be the best in what i do, and also expand on different subjects of education.. but still relating to working with people!!



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Hi there "PT",


I'd look into different Gyms in the USA, prepare a resume and send it to them....


www.lff.com - Lifestyle Family Fitness

www.ballyfitness.com - Bally Fitness Club

www.lafitness.com - L.A. Fitness Club

www.goldsgym.com - Gold's Gym


Also consider the option of starting your own Fitness Club as that is also another way to get in to the USA, but I think the minimum investment requirement is $150, 000. Here is a link to a few franchise opportunities that may give you an idea of the market. If you decide to go this route I would suggest that you do a thorough investigation on the market, franchises etc, etc AND be careful of schemes as there are many out there! Seek the advise of someone in the business field AND have an attorney at your side all the way through.




To give you a quick view of what some Gyms are looking for in a PT:


USA PT dba Body of Change is seeking Personal Trainers who are devoted and excited in assisting clients in achieving and fulfilling their individual fitness goals by maximizing five parameters of fitness: Muscular Strength and Revitalization, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, Cardiovascular Endurance, and Body Composition. Trainers provide individualized personal service necessary to structure and supervise a fitness program with achievable goals by incorporating the above parameters in connection with the client's physical needs.


-Must have an acceptable PT Certification or a Degree in Exercise Science, Physical Education or Kinesiology

- High School diploma or equivalent

- Must be at least 18 years old

- Excellent interpersonal skills

- Must be assertive, enthusiastic & punctual

- Strong communication skills are required

- Exceptional customer service skills

- Flexible Schedule

USA PT, LLC is an equal opportunity employer who recognizes the value of having a diverse workforce. We seek and encourage qualified applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, or other cultural or physical characteristics.

USA PT, LLC, is a Delaware Limited Liability Company doing business as Body of Change and Pro Results. It is a separate legal entity from L.A. Fitness Int’l, LLC.

Qualified candidates ONLY - email resume for consideration and the potential opportunity to work with a dynamic and growing company.


Hope this helps you, but whatever you do you will need to ensure that you do thorough research and don't be affraid to ask whatever questions you need to. If people in that field or who say they will help you (and you are paying them to do so) don't want to answer them then they're pulling the wool over your eyes. That's just my opinion after researching a franchise opportunity myself....(found out the guy was a fraud after many hours of phone calls and research....well worth it in the end.)


PS: Forgot to mention - I would have someone in the USA prepare your resume so that it's in the right format. One of the sausa members does this. Contact "Mouse" regarding this.

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