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Cali Burning

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I, like most of you, have been sitting transfixed to the television watching the Statewide fires in California causing so much pain, havoc and uncertainty in many people's lives.


I realize that some forum members live in California, one of whom is Tok,....wherever you are, and whatever your status, I apologize for not having written sooner.

I do not know what your present predicament is, but I sure hope you're safe and in a position to continue your work and communicating with us on this forum.


Words cannot describe the horror of this event...nothing beats the memory of seeing one's "American Dream" up in ashes in a matter of minutes, not to mention the loss of irreplaceable family heirlooms and memories.


VasByt Tok and all you nameless individuals who have chosen California as your home...may something great come out of this.


My Heartfelt thoughts and love.



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