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How about some photos

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Hi Everybody


I was wondering how about posting some photos of how it look up your street or any nice places in Austin, please.

We will be moving over to Austin in a years time and find it difficult to see photos of Austin to get an idea what it looks like.

I was also wondering if anybody can recommend a good website to get an idea what one can do with young kids in Austin. And it will also be very nice to hear from any other families in Austin with little ones to hear what do you all get up to to tire the little ones out.

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I'm in NY state, but found these links:


Official Convention & Visitor's Bureau web site:



Austin Children's Museum:



Austin Nature & Science Center



Free Things to Do in Austin



Austin Smart Consumer Forum (Things to Do)



101 Things to Do in Austin (aimed at students)



Newcomers Clubs and Moms Groups in Austin

Clubs in Austin

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Happy, I dont live in Austin (I live in San Francisco) but I can tell you that you will find plenty to do with kids all year round. For every holiday there is something planned as well as everything in between.


For example today is Halloween and here at the SF zoo they had what is called "BOO at the ZOO", a safe place for the kids to go trick or treating. When I was still in SA we didnt celebrate Halloween, but you will soon get the hang of it, as well as all the other American holidays.


Oh and just so you know I dont have kids, but I was a nanny for many years, and there was never a shortage of things to do, and I am sure that there will be plenty for you guys to do with the kids in Austin.


Good luck with the move. It is well worth it.

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HappyLO We too are planing to move to Austin and I have found a brilliant online forum. Check it out - the regular posters are brilliant and will answer any questions you have. Quite alot of people have posted photos over the 10 months I have been looking at the site.




Good luck

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