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Eskom 2 Piece Overall - Never Used (obviously)

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Thought I'd give this forum the first shot before I throw it on eBay for a laugh.


I came across a completely unused Eskom 2 piece blue cotton overall and couldn't help but marvel at its pristine state. :o


Perhaps if it had been "used", then there might be a few less "rolling blackouts" ? :whome:


Nonetheless, would look grand in a workshop somewhere, a definite "talking piece" (and functional too).


Jacket: 17" across the shoulders, 30" collar to lower seam (it looks like a small/medium)

Pants: 30"-32" Waist (elasticated), 31" inseam




Make me an offer !


Prepared to ship anywhere in the world - even back to SA, where I am sure it could be put to good use ! :D






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The reason why this 2 piece Eishkom overall is still unused is of its size !! Small / Medium :whome:


Have you seen the Eishkom's Fat Cat's size's :unsure: Then on the other hand, supose they only wear Carducci, Armani or Hugo Boss ??



Hope eBay is not overstocked with this kind of item yet. :unsure:






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Before '94 the government shouted "white power"

After '94 the new government shouted "black power"

Finally we can stand together and shout "NO POWER"

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