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Greetings Bee,


My name is John Billian and I'm the Vice President of Marketing for New Horizons / Mirzam. I'm pleased to see you've signed up for our Cape Town seminar tomorrow and hope you find our presentation informative.


For anyone interested, here is a little background on the New Horizons Investor Green Card program.


New Horizons was started by investment professional Clifford Morris, a South African who still actively manages Sirius Financial Navigation, his wealth management firm located in Durban.


For more information about Sirius please visit their website http://www.siriusgroup.org/


Cliff moved here to the States 2 years ago to start Mirzam, a wealth management firm located here in South Florida. Many of Cliff's clients in South Africa began asking him for an option to be able to emigrate here as well which prompted Cliff to begin researching the various Visa/Green Card categories and finally settle on the Investor Green Card program (also called EB-5). During this research phase Cliff decided to offer this option to other South Africans as well, which is where New Horizons started. Cliff felt it was important to have a program that was designed "for South Africans, by South Africans". He also felt his investment background was the perfect fit for this investment related green card option. In addition, we have partnered with Immigration Attorney Grant Kaplan, a native South African who is currently based here in South Florida as well.


For more information about Mirzam, please visit our website http://www.mirzam.org/


If anyone has any specific questions, please feel free to respond here and I'll do my best to answer them in a timely manner.


Kind Regards,

John Billian



(To: Forum Admin/Moderator: If you feel my post above breaks any written or unwritten rules here, please feel free to delete/edit as you see fit.)

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Hi JohnI'm glad to see you found this forum.

We will be seeing you later today and we are looking forward to it !!!

Thank you for all the background info.

You may have noticed that I started a topic called " Who emigrated on the Investors Visa"

and you may also want to post there?


We are on the West Coast so we are slowly going to make our way to CT

See you later




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