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Lyn H

Knox Grove: SA picnic, 22 June 2003

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On June 22 we will have a South African picnic at Washington Crossing State Park - just south of Princeton. We have done this for several years. It is really relaxed and low key - i.e - no organized program. Everyone just sets up their picnic table (there are concrete tables and benches under the trees) and socializes. Great fun!

Here are the details:




DATE: Sunday, June 22nd, 2003

RAIN DATE: Sunday, June 29th, 2003


PLACE: Knox Grove, Washington Crossing State Park, New Jersey.


Dear Everyone,


This notice is so very late but I am hoping that you all remember that we hold our annual South African picnic in June. I hope you are still free to attend this year and to meet up with last year's crowd as well as any new folk, particularly the newest arrivals, the folk

most recently arrived from South Africa. Please feel free to send

this notice on to any South Africans that you know - all are welcome. Please arrive early as reservations cannot be made and the park can fill up on a nice day. So bring your friends and fun with you and have a lovely day catching up and relaxing. Do talk to the folk at the table next to you , you will be surprised at the connections that you might have. (Two people who'd never met before, discovered they were cousins, no fibbing, at the picnic one year !!!)


Kevin and Amanda Fraser of Cape Dutch Bakery fame in Maryland are attending the picnic again this year. They were unable to attend last year due to prior commitments. They have generously offered free delivery to the picnic, of all your orders of South African delicacies. Thus you will get free shipping and handling on orders placed between 05- 30-03 and 06-19-03, delivered to the picnic.


Please place all orders on line at:


or by telephone at:

(301) 203-7990.


Please place all orders ASAP as stocks are limited. All orders must be placed before Thursday, June 19th, 2003 to be delivered at the picnic. (No C.O.D.)


They also have delicious boerewors and homemade koeksusters, so place your orders.......


Hope to see you all at the picnic.

Yours Sincerely,




Directions to Washington Crossing State Park, N.J.:

Take I 95 to the Delaware River.

If on the New Jersey side of the River: Take Route 29 parallel to the Delaware River, direction Lambertville. Then Go to Route 546 take it direction away from the Delaware River.


Then ****


If on the PA side of the River: Take Route 32, direction Washington Crossing. Cross over the Delaware River at Washington Crossing . Go over Route 29 and to Route 546 which is straight ahead. Take it direction away from the Delaware River.




****The Park entrance is up the hill, on your left hand side. Park Attendants will direct you to Knox Grove at the park entrance.




1. If the weather is uncertain please call me before 10 AM on June 22nd, to see whether the picnic will be postponed to the rain date June, 29th. Mostly though we go ahead with the first date. We have had a few sprinkles on us in the past, but it all worked out in the end. My telephone # is : (215) 355-4729.


2. Health issues. Any concerns, please call Dept. Health, Hopewell Township : (609) 737-0120 (Mon.- Fri. 8.30 AM - 4.30PM). A first aid kit is always a good idea for those skinned knees.


3. Any questions about the park, please call the park at (609) 737- 06233. A fee of about $3.00 is charged per car at the park entrance.


4. Bring your own picnic. The children love to braai marshmallows. It is always lovely to sample the traditional pap & sous the experts make, as well as the biskuit, koeksusters, meltert etc.


5. It is a State Park and alcoholic beverages are not permitted. We ran into a spot of trouble in 2000 with an over zealous Park Ranger, but do not let this dampen your spirits for this year.


6. Braai facilities are available and as most of us braai, please bring your own matches etc. Portable braais are allowed but they must be in good shape i.e. no holes in the bottoms.


7. Misc. items: table cloth, rug, sunscreen, insect repellent, chairs, a garbage bag per family (we have received compliments in the past from Park Rangers on how beautifully clean we have left the park in previous years. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE).


8. Bats , balls, mitts etc. are a lot of fun and there are swings for the younger set.


9. Lost property : If you take home extra baggage or are missing something, please call me and I will TRY and get things returned to owners.

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Hi - thanks for asking! The picnic was great fun. We have been going for the 7 years we have been here. It is always relaxed and low key - no commercial bands etc as they have at others. But the Cape Dutch bakery from Maryland is always there selling boerewors and other SA products etc. We always meet new people and it is just a nice time of chatting and hearing everyone's stories.

It was nearly washed out by rain but turned out to be a lovely day.


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Since 2001 I have only come accross two South Africans in western NJ and eastern PA ...


and these meetings did not lead to friendships ... no momentum ...


Certainly not Atlanta or San Diego ... and it would be difficult to form a coherent community in this area ... but could be beneficial to us all. B)


Are there plans for a similar event this year (2004)?

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Guest Korky

Hi Teacher


I will be based in Teaneck NJ (north) 20 minutes from George Washington Bridge for a 3 month contract from 1st July.


Every second weekend i will go home for a long weekend (3 days) <_< (mow the lawn, repair the car?)


So maybe I will see you round, hopefully they will have some get togethers whilst I am there. ;)


At present as it is summer holidays my family will come down to explore NY, Washington and Jersey City. :ilikeit:



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Hi Korky,

So youre in Teaneck! Im in oradell, only a couple minutes from teaneck!! What u doing here??

Should meet up and chat!

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