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For a number of years now, I have been a member of LinkedIn for professional networking (think of it as the Facebook of the professional world). Over time I have grown to appreciate and rely on the networking facilities that this sevice offers the professional or business person. They are continually improving their tools and communcation features to the point where recruiters and human resources officers are using LinkedIn more than ever before to research prospective employees, contractors, or business partners.

A recent addition was the concept of interest Groups, where members can share common ideas, ask questions, and network on a more concentrated level. To extend the reach of SAUSA, I have created a group on LinkedIn that has the purpose of connecting professionals in South Africa with their counterparts already here in the USA. By utilizing this group we will be able to help even more people find opportunities here in the USA. So hop over to LinkedIn (click on the image above) and join the group if you are prepared to help. If you are not registered, it's free, so what are you waiting for!


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There was a warning today on ABC news. Watch out for identity theft when using Linkedin and don't post too much information about yourself. If you provide too much info, you run the potential risk of identity theft as people can find out where you went to school, current address and ultimately your banking details.


Here is a link



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