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Bring and Braai Float Trip

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A Float trip is an event where you get dropped 6 or 12 miles upriver and float down on a raft.

The raft can hold 4-6 people and a cooler box with beer/snacks/water. Your job is to row every now and then to avoid floating onto the sandbank.


As part of the event we plan on camping at the river over the long weekend, and have a South African DJ coming to play anything from techno, rock, sokkie, boere musiek and what not.


The resort where we are planning this event have their own set of entertainment for that weekend so it is our job to get them to conform to the African way by taking over, as only we know how.


There is no hall and there is no swimming pool at the resort. The dancing is out in the open and the swimming is done in the river.



When: Memorial Weekend (May 23-25)

Where: Near Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Map: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?hl=en&c...972046&z=10

Location: Diamond Head Resort (http://www.diamondheadresort.us/)

Who: Anyone who wants to join (South African or not)


Saturday 23rd - 9:00 AM - 12 Mile float

Sunday 24th - 10:00 AM - 12 Mile float


Adult - $24.

Kids - under 10 1/2 price.


* All beer must be can and 3.2% beer.

* No Styrofoam coolers


The Diamond Head Resort has the following accommodation but be aware that there are other resorts along this river that have similar facilities should this resort be fully booked.

For more locations check out: http://www.okonline.com/float.html



Camping/Motel - Contact Diamond Head Resort at 918-456-4545.

Motel (1-4 people)

* 2 full sized beds in each room

* Heat and air conditioning

* All rooms are newly remodeled

* Small pets are ok

* Deposit required

* 7 Day cancellation notice req

* Must hold with credit card

$63.00 plus tax



* One car per site and Multiple tents.

* Private campgrounds on the river

* Clean bathrooms with hot showers

* Primitive camping available

* Electrical camping available

* Quiet hours: 12am - 7am

* Security on weekends and holidays

Without Electrical $12.00/night per car (up to 4)

RV Hook-ups (30 AMP) $18.00/night per site

Full RV Hook-ups $25.00/night per site


If site are fully booked please contact one of us:

Grant Visser


© 918-549-8514


David Visser




Now you know the story.

Make your planes and don’t leave it for too long to make arrangements.


Tell your friends because the more there are the more we will have fun.


Bakgat, See you there.

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