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Using Immigrating companies to seek work for you

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I read that some of you stated that if a company ask money for you to look for employment, that it is a big no-no.


I've found a company named Inkorpa (www.inkorpa.com) which ask fees to find us employment and to arrange our visas.


What do you think?


I thought that going through a company to look for employment for you, is the way to go.

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Its up to you, but I wouldn't pay someone to look for a job for me. Besides the fact that jobs are few and far between here at the moment, (of course there are jobs out there), but they are going to be given to US citizens, and people already here in the US, because companies just dont have the money to do the sponsorhip at the moment.


But like I said it is up to you :holy:

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