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Loma Linda, CA: Interpreter required

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Got requests for people:


- From a Language Service Provider that connects clients with interpreters. A hospital in Lorma Linda, CA (south of San Bernadino) requires an interpreter who is proficient in the languages SeSwati and English. Compensation is approximately 30 - 40 dollars an hour. In addition, the hospital is requesting to have an interpreter a couple of times a week over the next month. Because of the nature of the situation, the

hospital would like to have someone as soon as possible.


Contact Roi A. Rosas 2077 Gateway Place Suite #220 San Jose, CA 95110

Tel: 408.287.8853 ext. 304 Fax: 408.516.5270

rrosas[at]communicaidinc.com www.communicaidinc.com

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