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Looking: Retirement plans business development

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I often get requests from people looking specifically for south african people to work for them. Here is the latest one. He specifically likes the South African work ethic.


From: tsa403b[at]hotmail.com

Subject: employer looking to hire.

Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 15:21:52 -0700


Established small firm is looking for an individual for business development. I have made it easy by knowing what works. He has to just follow what I have been doing successfully...


We specialize in setting up retirement plans for public school teachers.


This is a part time openning for 20 hours a week;


The pay is $20 per hour plus bonus; This should be total of $40 per hour. I can pay extra extra bonuses also.($200 plus for transfers)


The pay can go up if the individual is perfoming better than expected.


thanks for your assistance...


bob gohari




teacher benefits Inc.for public school teachers.



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