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Saffers In The South

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Our March braai & potjie was a great success with our biggest turn-out yet ~ approximately 30 people! Here is a picture of the oxtail potjie --> the pot

Plus, look at this cake a member made for the braai: SiTS cake I was a little sad when people started eating it :/ But it was good! The SA side was chocolate raspberry & the USA side was lemon. What a masterpiece! And the evening was nicely finished off with a few of these Springbokkies


I would like to announce that our April & May events have been set.


What: Peachtree Road Farmers' Market - "Peachtree Road Farmers Market is an open-air venue where Southeastern small farmers and growers, regional producers and purveyors of traditional foods, and local craftspeople may market their products face-to-face with Atlanta customers."


When: April 17th [at] 9:30


For the adults there will be a cooking demo by Chef Richards of One Flew South & Rolling Bones (BBQ) and for the kiddies the Southeastern Horticultural Society will have chicks available for kids to pet and a talk about where chickens & eggs come from, the different colors & shapes of eggs, and all things chicken-y & egg-y.


What: Braai to Say Bye to the Super 14


When: May 29th [at] 1:00pm


We will supply potjie with contents, picnic supplies, charcoal, soda, a few side dishes & our free Saffer Raffle. Our biltong sponsor, Braaitime, will supply free biltong & droewors. We ask that you supply your meat & booze and 1 communal dish.


For the details I have left out & to RSVP, please visit our SiTS page.

To access the info you have to join the group as I have the settings on private to protect members' information. However, membership is free and it is as easy to opt out as it is to join, so no pressure!


We are also on Facebook.


As always, if you are in the area, we hope you can make an event & meet the members. Please help spread the word if you know of anyone looking for a social & support network in the general Atlanta area. We are growing at a fantastic rate and really have a super group of people B)






Edit for failure to properly attach pictures! :/

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