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Education Evaluation Part 2

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What route would members advise on the following.


I hold a Higher National Diploma in Civl Engineering (classified as a 4 year diploma). I am looking into getting a project managers accreditation, which takes education and experience into the equation with their evaluation and am looking at submitting what I currently have. Should I rather get my education 'US equivalent' done in the US before I arrive and submit that. Has anyone had experience with the ECSA accreditation in SA, they say that an international accord (Sydney and Dublin accord) exists, which internationally recognises engineering qualifications. I am aware that there is a US system and an international one.


Please I am not equating diplomas against degrees, just looking for advice and a solution that will work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.




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Hi Graeme


I would go ahead and contact ECSA and see if they can point you in the right direction.

Here's what I can tell you about my experience.

I have a BBA Specializing IT obtained via distance learning when I was still in SA from a US University (I'm currently in the US)

Most employers (95%) just look at it and write it off kind of thing. Some employers will look into it cause in might be a pre-requisite for the job your'e applying for or they are just one of the guys who really do a thorough back ground check. I had to get a letter from the US accreditation body cause the university does not exist anymore that stated that it was an accredited BBA and that the qualification's legit. Through my personal experience and mine might be different / Unique (For dome reason) they really do not care about your previous credit or education. I had to start at the bottom and work my way up again.


Getting back to your question. Get with the ECSA accreditation people and see if they can help. The other thing to do is find a educational body in the US and let them evaluate your current diploma (like SAQA in SA) and ask them for advice about the PM course you want to do.

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Thanks for that. I have established that we have to get US equivalency evaluations by accredited evaluators, the site is www.naces.org.

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