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New In New York

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So almost a week ago my husband and I crossed the line and entered the greatest city in the world on what felt like the coldest day ever. Coming from SA when it was 30 C to 30 F, a great blow to the system.

We are here and want to make it work, so any advice would be appreciated!

Where are all the SA's hiding and how did you get started here?

Jobs wise the responses are very slow but I think it's because they work on resume's and cover letters that are so out there, I am not sure the we are getting our flamboyance out there. I not sure I can blow my own horn as much as they can :/ any advice.

Furthermore how did you get a rental place? We've been looking and people want salary slips and tax returns? How do u get started on this and where do you go?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to the USA :D


When we first got here had a similar problem for rentals you may find that you have to put one month's rent down as a deposit usually your security deposit is $200.00 they give your deposit back to you after a year. You may experience the same with purchasing a cell phone or Verizon landline. Usually no deposit for utilities like electricity and gas.


Check out the rentals on Craigslist. But private renters also usually require one to two months' rent as security deposit.

also go to your local supermarket like Safeway they have a free monthly magazine at the door of all the places up for rent.


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I found this link... (seriously thinking of ordering some biltong online :)) which might be useful.. I see there is a "get together every 4th Thursday or Friday of the month at the Pig n' Whistle in New York city" They are also on facebook.. You never know, you might just meet a bunch of saffers that can point you in the right direction re: accomodation and jobs.





Here is a link to their facebook page which sends out an invite to another event which has already past (March 22nd) but will give you idea of the types of events they organise. I am sure you will meet lots of saffers through these folks.



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Welcome Megan,


We have been here a year, its taken some getting used to. NYC is rather unfriendly by nature. The people are just so busy and literally live to work.


If you are ever in North/South Carolina - we have just bought a home in SC but close to Charlotte NC, (we cross the stateline everyday to work), please let us know we would love to welcome you to our world. The weather has been really cold in NY but enjoy it, the summer heat is coming! Promise!


If you would like to drop me an email with a contact number, I will give you a call and see how we can help you. We learnt a lot from the folks here and also from a South African friend who has been here for 3 years.

So maybe a friendly "home voice" may go a long way in settling in.


It is tough, nothing is the same as "home" but its a wonderful new life when you get into it! Don't expect it to be the same, its never going to be - SA is a great place for a holiday using US $


Hang in there!



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