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Country Living With Good Schools

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Wondering if someone could assist or provide some insight.....


We are looking at relocating towards the end of 2016 to Houston from South Africa, and prefer larger more outdoors living. Looking at possibly buying or renting a "Country Home" something that will have some decent acres, however we are concerned about good school districts and obviously the level of education for our young kids (7,6 & 3).


Could anyone suggest a good area, district, county close to Houston that would have a good school for our kids ?


Based on our research areas like The Woodlands & Katy seem very nice however more suburban than a large farm / plot that we are use to back in South Africa.


Thank you again guys / gals.



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Welcome to the forum Harley999


Look into Tomball TX (west of the Woodlands), where you can find more acres for your dollars. Spring TX (north of the Woodlands)

Search on Zillow.com ( 1 acre= 43560 sq feet)

You will also be able to see the assigned school for the properties (down on the page- if you select a specific propertie)

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