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Do You Know The Destination Of Your Eternal Soul Yet?

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I'd like to share a few thoughts with you:



1) Without exception, we ALL are going to die one day


2) Our souls however, will live on forever into eternity


3) There are ONLY two forces at play: good and evil (confirmed also by the fact that every person - whether Christian or not - has an inborn sense of right and wrong).


4) There is ONE truth and only ONE being who created everything. (There are no multiple gods, nor such a thing as "all roads lead to heaven")


5) The Bible - a book that claims to reveal the creator of the universe (God) to mankind - is a most amazing book that was written by 40 authors over a period of 1,500 years. Its authors were by far and large from different eras, different cultures, different languages, different personalities, different social backgrounds, different vocations, different educational levels, etc., yet their writings all present a consistent story without contradiction.


6) It starts off by telling us how God intended it all to be when Adam and Eve were created and placed in the Garden of Eden: A world without sin, without toil or labor, without disease, without birth defects, without crime and brutality, without death, without sadness and tears; A world of joy, peace and harmony in which the very Creator Himself would visit His created beings on a daily day basis, walk among them and converse with them.


​7) Mankind was however also created with a free will by a Creator who is fair and non-manipulative.


8) When put to the test, our original ancestors failed and made a choice in disobedience, thereby effectively committing a serious sin against their Creator. It came down to a choice in favor of Satan, and thus a choice against a God who is extremely jealous of the worship and service that belong to Him and to Him alone. In doing so, sin entered the world for the very first time and everything became cursed: diseases followed, birth defects started, brutal crime came into being, death resulted and God - being a most holy being that can NEVER share the same space as anything that is unholy (i.e. man who had become sinful) - would no longer dwell and walk with man in person anymore, i.e. He became "distant" - something that we witness to this very day still since we often ask, "Where is God?", "Why doesn't He show Himself?, etc.


9) As the descendants of Adam and Eve, we all share in their condemnation as well.


10) We are ALL indebted to the eternal and holy God. There is absolutely NOTHING that we as created beings can EVER do to pay the price for our sins in order to obtain absolution from it. Even the most exemplary life ever lived on earth falls short by "millions of light years"; yes, not even the remarkable Mother Teresa could be saved as a result of her most selfless lifestyle! EACH AND EVERYONE of us are doomed.


11) The only acceptable offering as an atonement for sin, is by the blood sacrifice of the sinless. For hundreds of years, God's people - the Israelites whom He had selected as the nation through which His Son would finally come to earth in human form - were instructed to sacrifice innocent animals that were without disease or deformity as an atonement for their sins. However, these animal sacrifices - that pointed to the ultimate sacrifice on the cross that would follow later - were imperfect as it could never satisfy their future sins and thus had to be repeated.

​​12) At the time of their creation in the Garden of Eden, God foreknew already that man would end up in this predicament as a consequence of having a free will. Yet, He so much loved mankind, that He gave them the most perfect sacrifice, namely His own Son (who is God Himself) and who was completely without sin. Through His death on the cross, Jesus Christ paid the price that no one could pay for themselves. And through His death, the relationship between God and man was restored (though the earth remained cursed, but one day that too will get restored).


13) To be able to enjoy in this free gift of salvation, one has to acknowledge and repent of one's sins, believe in Jesus Christ and accept His offering as forgiveness. It is that simple!


​14) If it was done in sincerity, one will break with one's sinful lifestyle of the past and start to live in obedience to God's will as it is revealed in His Word (the Bible). God's spirit (the Holy Spirit) will enter the heart of the saved and will manifest Himself to the degree of which one's life is given up as a living sacrifice to God.


15) Hell is a real place that was NOT originally created or intended for mankind, but only for Satan and the angels that came into rebellion against God. Though God wishes that everyone will seek and accept His extended hand of reconciliation, He will force no one to accept it. He will honor whatever decision you or I make. However, rejection of His grace will most surely share the same fate in hell as that of Satan. Rejection of it, or not accepting of His grace, means that one remains accountable to repay a debt before an eternal and most holy God that cannot be repaid by oneself. If one was to die in that state, the debt will be collected (an eternity of punishment in hell).


May God grant anyone who reads this and who hasn't made a conscious decision yet, the wisdom to understand the eternal implications and to choose wisely!

​God loves you. Remember also, there is no life of sin so great that it cannot be forgiven!

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