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Watching Sa Sport Live

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I know there have been sporadic posts about various sites to do this, but I haven't yet seen anyone post about the WatchESPN app. Download it, choose your cable provider (it didn't ask me to prove I had the account so I'm not sure how that bit actually works) then choose from the list of games, either by "live" list or by sport (they have cricket and rugby too. And lots of international stuff that isn't on actual ESPN on TV. They even have some domestic games, e.g. Bulls vs Cheetahs on the schedule.)


A cool feature is that if you're doing something else on your tablet/PC, it minimizes the game to a small screen in the corner, so you can keep an eye on it. You can chromecast obviously too if you've got that set up (can't do it directly from the app, at least not yet).


It's not perfect, e.g. the commercial breaks don't line up exactly with the game, but it's nice to be able to watch.

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