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Public vs Charter

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Hi All.  Getting ready for our first winter.  Was wearing 3 layers and neighbor came out wearing a no sleeve top. Ouch.

Anyway, just a quick one on your experience please.  Have a year to plan, so best to start now.  Does anyone have their children in a Charter School?  What are the pros and cons?

Private School is out, we will never be able to afford that.

Options really are moving to better school district and going public or staying in a great area with bad school district and then sending my child to a charter school.


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Do your research on the charter you are thinking of.  “Charter” does not automatically mean good (although many of them are). I have a friend with kids in a really excellent charter school, but some of the charter schools have had some serious issues. Another friend in a different state took her kid out of one, and there’s one in another friend’s town that has had some major problems. If there are any issues with the charter school, if they are serious issues you’ll probably find local newspaper articles etc on the net. Best is if you can somehow try to talk to other parents, but that can be hard if you don’t have someone to introduce you. I believe some of the better ones are quite hard to get into as well, something else to consider vs moving to a good school district where they have to place you in their system.

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