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EB4 Petition

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For those of you who are interested - I would like to make you part of our journey and maybe it helps someone else in the future as I found there is limited information for South Africans petitioning with the i-360 form.

Just an update on our i-360 petition in the EB4 category at USCIS.

The priority date for our application is 15 September 2017 and we only expected a response around mid-December. So it happened that on day 54 of our application we received an RFE. We would have been stoked to have received an approval notice instead but we are grateful that our application is being processed a month earlier than we expected. My employer, who is the petitioner, is now waiting to receive the RFE so that we can see exactly what they are requesting. I will update you on the RFE. We are consulting the immigration lawyers again on this so that we can be sure we are sending everything USCIS needs.

Here are also a few updates on our local documentation applications:

1. Unabridged Birth Certificates (R75 per application )

Applied on: 1 Nov 2017

Received on: 08 Nov 2017 (we are still waiting for my wife's certificate)

2. Police Clearance (R114 per application)

Applied on: 06 Nov 2017

Received on: -

3. Unabridged Marriage Certificate (R75 per application) (We have reapplied as they issued us previously with an abridged certificate instead of an unabridged version.)

Applied on: 09 Nov 2017

Received on: -

4. North-West University Graduation Certificate (R200)

Applied on: 02 Nov 2017

Received on: 08 Nov 2017


Hope everyone has a great day!

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Good luck with the rest of the process and thanks for sharing your experiences, it will help someone along the line.

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