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Retention of SA citizenship

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21 hours ago, SJ272 said:


on the one hand it’s not a huge issue for us as we go down to LA every so often anyway (not that I want to spend my free time at the consulate though) but the LA SACG covers a massive area and it’s not so easy for everyone. 

sorry another semi trivial question, did you use one money order and one addressed envelope to cover everyone in your family?i think I’m gonna get them off this week. 

It’s an 11hr drive for us. Would be a good excuse to get out that way and visit my friend up in Santa Barbara, but still darn annoying every time you need to do something. Thankfully, after my wife’s passport, we shouldn’t need anything for another 8 years. I hope!

We mailed in our apps separately with, two separate checks and two return envelopes. Funny thing is they sent our certificates back in one envelope, addressed to the both of us 🤔

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