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5 Years and counting

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This weekend I received a letter in the mail that I only dreamed of receiving as a young girl growing up in PTA.  I have my interview scheduled for my citizenship , 30 days and counting!

I wanted to post something on this forum as this as been my go to for reading up and finding out information, for being a "friend" when times go tough and allowing me to know I was not alone.

Also for the vulnerability that you all have shared on these forums that allowed me to learn from but also not be to hard on myself.

Thank you to everyone!

So five years later what has happened?

I have moved 5 times to 5 new cities, got divorced & got engaged .

Managed to find a job that was below my experience level in a great company and subsequently accelerated fast through the ranks.

Have built a solid credit record, something I still think is bs  :)

I got cable and got rid of cable and now live off of apps and live streaming.

I have embraced my american colleagues and friends and have learned that I was as biased towards them as I perceived them to be towards me.

I have cried many a time, screamed and felt despair and loneliness but now I get to the point in my life that I can start to think about bringing my family across and hopefully help open some doors for them.

I am extremely grateful and I know very fortunate for the last 5 years.  Here is to the rest of my american journey with the new passport and finally travelling without having to submit 3 months worth of bank statements! :)

Also if anyone needs any support, let me know, will love to pay it forward!



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So awesome!

thanks for sharing your story ... as the cliche goes, it’s not always easy but it’s always worth it. Enjoy having that new blue passport!

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Congrats!!!!!!!  What a lovely story and what a journey.  Enjoy  every moment and thank you so much for sharing.  We are 7 months in and I am living for that very moment.  So happy for you.

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Well done - It's a long journey that is finally coming to an end

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