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f2b and full birth certificate registration dates

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Hi All 

I have not posted for a long time¬†ūüėá, my bad .

1st off all , some feedback on our journey.

  1. Entered dv lottery Oct 2013 , for DV2015
  2. Selected on May 6th 2014 with very low number
  3. Interview Oct 6 2014
  4. My son turned 21 in December 2014, so we were forced to enter USA before then.
  5. Landed 1st time Nov 27, 2014 (Thanksgiving ūüėČ)
  6. returned to South Africa around December 2014
  7. Sold house (Stressed situation) with closure end May 2015
  8. Arrived in Texas July 2nd 2015 , In the heat :)
  9. So now ready for applying for citizenship

One of the biggest stress factors was getting a good credit score. 

Tip : get a secured credit card as soon as you can and buy something small every month and pay it off immediately.

That will help to get a decent Credit Score in a reasonable time


So a question from me , My wife applied for my stepdaughter with the F2B type Family sponsorship and we send information required, and her full unabridged birth certificate but was now asked by USCIS to supply more evidence as the full birth certificate does not show a date of registration. So according to them :

"a birth certificate submitted to prove the relationship reflects that it was not registered contemporaneously with the birth"   

Quite annoying as a normal short birth certificate is not acceptable for the Green Card application, so assumption is that they need the same for the Family Sponsored application, 
So we got the "Proof of Registration of Birth " issued just after her birth , but the registration date was not filled in but rather stamped in , and thus the second annoying thing , the stamp faded over time and the date is almost unreadable, especially on a copy.

So we want to get a commissioner of oaths to certify on a copy with the original at hand, the date of registration as is readable on the original.
We'll send that as well as some photo evidence in.
And we started a process of parental DNA tests with a certified Lab, which is very pricey , so we had to pay a deposit.

The idea is to send the information we have plus the proof of DNA testing process that was started (As they know this takes time they allow it this way).
If by some miracle USCIS approve the sponsorship,  using the evidence we've send prior to the actual Lab test ,  we intend stopping that and save some of the money :)


Any thoughts from people out there, who went through this already ? 


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We had the same issue for a different process once in the US, the hassle involved for us in getting evidence led us to just do DNA (which was expensive but pretty quick and easy doing it all here in the US, and definitive). I have heard of people using evidence such as doctor records within a year of birth, medical aid records/registration after birth, christening records, etc. ¬†Basically anything ‚Äúobjective‚ÄĚ showing child name & birthdate along with parent name within first year of birth is considered contemporaneous evidence. ¬†If you can get hold of anything like that I‚Äôd strongly suggest sending that in along with what you‚Äôre already planning to do.

The only other insight i have is cautionary: I believe uscis usually take a couple of months to respond to evidence sent in, so you risk a long wait in case you then have to complete the dna process after first getting a response to that, but also that I have seen a few cases reported when the initial evidence is not acceptable that uscis don’t send another RFE but they just deny at that stage.  Then the cost of either refiling or appealing (not sure an appeal is appropriate at that stage) starts possibly outweighing the part saving on DNA test cost?


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SJ , Thanks so much , yeah I thought as much about the timing.

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