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Phillips CPAP machines for Sleep Apnea/ BIPAP Recall

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Phillips Dream station 1

There is a recall out on many of the Phillips CPAP machines sold before April 2021. So appears many folk will be affected by this.

The problem found is that the machines have a small potential to cause lung cancer, as some of the black foam packaging inside the machine has the potential to break off, and be blown into your lungs during use.

The advice given by Phillips is to stop using your machine and contact your sleep lab or service provider. This sounds like a massive world wide recall which will take months to repair./ replace.

I have registered  my device with Phillips. Enter the serial number of your device and it will tell you immediately if you device has a recall on it. 



Philips provides update on recall notification - News | Philips.   



Warning! Important Safety Information For Philips DreamStation Users - Health Hazard - Bing video


Philips recalls sleep apnea machines, ventilators over cancer risk (msn.com)



SoClean May Be Dangerous to Your Health | Sleep and Attention Deficit Disorders Institute (sleepandattentiondisorders.com)


Received this message after completing the recall notice.

Please notate your confirmation number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

What to expect next:

We regret that it may take some time to replace your device. The repair process for existing devices requires regulatory approval in your country, which we are working toward obtaining as quickly as possible. We will begin the repair/replacement process immediately upon that approval.

When the repair/replace process commences, we will prioritize the devices that support patients with more advanced clinical needs. We understand the impact of this issue on your therapy and we sincerely apologize for this disruption. It is our absolute number one priority to replace affected devices as quickly as possible.

For additional questions:

For more information and updates, please visit Philips.com/src-update where we will be updating answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) as more information becomes available.



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Just a update to the Phillips product recall.  No response from Phillips after registering their equipment.

My insurance will pay for the rental of a new Bipap machine for 10 months. After the 10 months it becomes yours anyway as long as you use it.

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