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Purchase property in SA ?

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That looks great! :D

I am so jealous. Will be holding thumbs that this deal goes through. :ilikeit: Maybe we can all then visit you in your "litttle oasis" ;)

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"The servant quarters is 60m from the main house..."


Long way in MP. Make sure you have some little path lights and a dog


"The Lapa is enclosed (?!?!??!) I allways thought it would be like my tikihut..but anyway..

The lapa has a bar and a kitchen. VERY small kitchen in the house."


Enclosed Lapa!!! Never heard of such a thing! It may be anclosed in the back, but the front left open.



"This is what I am thinking...remove the kitchen in the house, transform the lapa into a fully stocked gourmet kitchen. The lapa is 4 meters from the house...build a room between the house and the lapa, brick on back of the room, glass french doors in the front, facing the pool. Hence connecting everything and enlarging the house."


Brilliant idea. It will then give you a nice sitting room or area to have guests or just sit and watch the rain without mossies biting you! If possible, you should keep this room thatched roof and not tile.



"Also has a Boma..with brick table, fire pit, etc.. braai area."


The only way to do it, man. Especially the fire pit. Cannot have a place in the lowveld without a fire pit.


"The floor in the house is plain concrete..damn. So I will have to lay tiles. "


When they say plain concrete - is it smooth and mixed with a little tile grout? It can be very beautiful. Inspect it yourself before ordering tile. Tile in SA is pretty expenisve.


"No garage. WIll have to build...carports only at the moment."


Ja, unless you want critters to get to yer car!


"And the servants quarters...expant and build a large workshop...You know me...I NEED my workshop."


Just a wood workshop? You may want to add a small AC unit to it. Will get pretty toasty. KNowing Marloth Park, it probably has a decent bathroom as well.


"What you think?:

I dunno - looks like you got all bases covered already! :D



My email addy is maartenv[at]comcast.net


Congrats man, with the plans you have, yous hould add quite a biton to the value of the place - not to mention, you will create a vacation dream house. It may be a bit small, but then again, it isn't like you would have 20 people there at any one time, right?


Congrats, mate. I hope you have a blast working on it!

Looking forward to those pics!



Enjoy the weekend.

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Email send


Lapa is enclosed all the way around.


Might have to export tiles from here...we'll see.


Besides 2300sq ft, is enough for just Kim and me.

Also, there are approved plans for the open stands. Not that we'll ever build there, but one never knows..

Bunch of rondawels for a B&B maybe

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Regte bosveld huis. I'm sure y'all would have a blast there! I replied to your e-mail.

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Its beautiful,but the only issue I would have is the the servants quaters 60m from the house, thats a hellva jog if the lions are feeding. hahahaah

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