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  1. Congrats Gieds. Vinny don't stress. The interview is seriously a walk in the park. As long as you're prepared with the items they request at on the list you'll be fine. They barely even chat to you. It's very much a formality.
  2. Reichette which mobile phone company did you get the $70 deal with for two family members? We are currently looking at which one to go with. We always get contracts too but if it's significantly better to go with prepay then it's worth a look.
  3. It's happened to me so many times too. I find it exceptionally rude. And sad to say, it has made me less than keen to keep doing it. ?
  4. Awesome! Thanks so much jackofam. Ours says courier on the far right where yours says hand. I wrote a covering letter saying we were applying together and that we wanted to send them back to the uk by courier together instead of two separate packs. We used dhl to get it over to SA.
  5. Thanks so much for the link! I never even knew it existed. I punched our ID numbers in and it generated a mini one line table starting with an enquiry number on the far left, then our ID, name, DOB, registration date (I assume the date it was registered on their system) and finally what they called "finalised date" (and then dispatch method). So under the finalised date I saw Friday's date given. Does this mean the document is done and ready? Or is it just the last time the system updated (given Friday was the last business working day of the week before today). Thanks again, super helpful link!!
  6. Anyone know how long these muppets take to generate the certs? They're not answering their phones or emails when I try chasing to see if ours is ready and our interview is in a month. ??
  7. Pickles

    Glitchy System

    Ok my screen shot didn't show up. It basically has a big black "forbidden" sign on it and underneath it says "you don't have permission to access [insert webpage here] on this server. Additionally a 403 forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request." Another glitch is it tells me I don't have permission to do certain things. Like in my inbox I can't select messages and delete for example. And on this message I tried to click on "more reply options" and got the same thing.
  8. Hi guys. I regularly get the below "forbidden" message when trying to open the site. It comes and goes on my phone and computer as well as my old phone and my husband's phone. It is incredibly frustrating. Last night I couldn't open the site at all, which is when I took this screen shot, and yet this morning it's fine once more. Please can someone techie look into this? I've mentioned it before but nothing came of it. I can't imagine we are the only ones it's happened to surely. Thank you!
  9. Eek! Thank you malamute!! How much did it grow from the April numbers to May? Do you think we definitely will make June or is July a possibility too? ?
  10. Pickles

    2017 Lottery

    Hi woekes, you have 6 months from the date of your medical to when you have to enter and activate the GC. The medical is usually done about 2 weeks or so before the interview.
  11. Pickles

    2017 Lottery

    Will keep you in our prayers bushbaby. It's so sad to hear of the decline there. I remember stopping at that tunnel with the adjacent abandoned old rail track tunnel next to the n4 tunnel to nelspruit, by waterval boven as a kid and it was always safe. We would walk to the falls on the other side and take in the beauty. The last time I stopped there was in 2002 with a friend who was visiting me from Germany and we were going to Kruger. As soon as we stopped we could see it was dangerous with people loitering around in clumps. Felt very uneasy so we needless to say didn't take that walk through the long dark tunnel alone and put the car into first and drove off. ? Good luck! God will put you where you need to be.
  12. Thank you so much for the helpful advice Adventurer! I will definitely try get hold of that book! It sounds great. Very true what you say about quality of life and how people sum up things differently and place priority and emphasis on different issues. I think we do fall into the category of living a good life and don't want to trade down or trade equal (who would??). We are privileged and blessed to be living in an awesome country and don't have to worry for anything. It's only natural and normal that we wouldn't look at what the states has to offer in the same way as someone who is escaping a war torn or poverty stricken country in some remote part of the world. Ultimately we all have to make tough choices that fit our own set of priorities and no one really can comment on that I suppose, given no one knows what each other is going through. Thank you for the leap of faith comment! Definitely agree there comes a point where that is needed.
  13. Congrats Oscar!!! SO happy for you! That's such a great increase in wage and perks. You must be ecstatic. That 23 days a year is brilliant! It's almost on par with the UK so you must be so chuffed! I did some delving into the insurance and private ones are pricey, but doable. I also got my friend in Georgia to ask her pharmacist how much our meds cost there and my son's are so cheap; about $80 a month for his epilepsy meds. Really relieved actually! It boils down to the more knowledge one has the less frightening something feels, which was the purpose of this post I suppose. Good luck with the new job and let us know how you get on. I'm sure you'll do brilliantly!
  14. Yep it's the bigger picture I'm trying to look at and gain clarity. Honestly I could be blowing this out of proportion in my mind for all I know based on fear of the unknown. As I said before I like to try control for every eventuality which of course one can't do which frustrates my instinct to try do exactly that. I hear what you're saying about pensions. But in the UK whilst the pension may be crummy at least there are things such as meals on wheels and social housing and other benefits for retirees that struggle. Even electricity companies have big grants available for oldies such as these. I haven't a clue what the US has in this regard so can't compare but it's good to know the UK has a decent enough option. And as you say, it shouldn't be your sole source of income in later years. Completely agree re the quality of life though! This is our primary driving force. Summers here are really good but the long and drawn out wet winters can get a bit old. And I miss the geographical diversity of the states compared to the UK, which undeniably is exquisite in its own right. The cost of housing for what you get is another factor. If we did stay in the UK i'd likely use the money we have saved up for the USA and put it down on a house but it grieves me how little you get for your money in the UK compared to America. And buying wouldn't be an option in my neighbourhood where houses go for £10mil a pop. Rentals are doable but buying in central London is just plain dumb.
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