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  1. August

    2017 Draw Results

    Hi All, My hubby and I were not selected either This was our 2nd try.....Hoping any SA winners post on this forum soon!
  2. Forgot to mention that the au pair does need her own room ( not necessarily her own bathroom). No other requirements regarding living space. If you require for the au pair to drive you will need to provide a car.
  3. Hi Wanydp, Maybe I can help with info regarding au pairs. I used to be an au pair to a wonderful family in Boston in 2000. I applied from SA with an agency called Au Pair Discover. My host mum did mention that they paid the agency a $5000 agency fee. The agency does through checks on applicants from all over the world. Based on the requirements of the family , the agency will "match" you up with a few applicants and then you make the decision. I just want to point out herr that once a match is made then the agency will arrange for the au pair to be flown to the US. This is usually done with quite a few other au pairs. Costs of flights etc are paid for by the au pair. All au pairs arrive in New York for 3 day orientation (this is intense training and all the girls are made aware of all the rules and regulations of the US and the agency). So you can be rest assured that the au pair that will join your family is fully aware of what is expected of her and how to appropriately adjust to your family life. The rules that are set out by the agency are extremely strict and the au pair can be sent back to their home countries should they not abide by them. I was paid $175 per week for 40 hours of child care (if I remember correctly). I do remember that the au pair must have a full day and 1/2 off per week. The host parents also have to ensure that the au pair attends an educational course (cost to host parents $500). The au pair gets 2 weeks paid vacation in that year. The au pair belongs to a group of au pairs in the area that are monitored by an agency representative. So if there are any issues and a re-match is required, the rep will get involved and everything is handled in a dignified and respectful manner. This was a wonderful opportunity for young girls to travel and earn some pocket money in the process. I really enjoyed my year as an au pair and still keep in contact with my host family. Hope this gives you some insight in the wonderful world of au pairing
  4. August

    2017 Lottery

    Thank you! Yes, it does make the 'waiting game' easier the 2nd time around. May will be here before you know it. Fingers crossed for a positive result
  5. August

    2017 Lottery

    Best of Luck Shamus! I am going to apply this week
  6. August

    2017 Lottery

    Hi All, Good Luck to all those entering the DV2017!! Going to try again this year. Gosh the nerves Have to hang in there, though!! Dreaming of a better life for my family
  7. The relatives I am referring to are aunts/uncles and cousin. No immediate family, so we didn't go into detail when answering the family question. We were not planning on abusing the system, just a simple 3 week holiday. I guess it also depends on the interviewer on the day and what he is looking for. It seems some interviewers go into detail looking at documents and some don't. Better luck next time.
  8. Hi marcjvr, Just to give you some info from my personal experience. My family and I travelled to the US last June. I had my B2 visa, but my hubby's had expired. So he had to apply together with our 2 year old daughter. My single brother (38 years) also applied. We have lots of family that live in the US, but when my hubby and brother applied they stated that we had no relatives in the US. They both took employment letters stating that they were going on holiday as well as bank statements. Visa's were approved in 5 minutes. It seems better to rather give little or no information as this can be counter productive (exactly as SJ27 stated).
  9. Hi All, It is so inspiring to read all your posts. The DV2016 is the 1st time I have applied, but unfortunately didn't win. Just wanted to huge congratulations to all of you that are now US citizens!! and of course to those that are still waiting, it will be here soon enough I am just curious about when you first landed in the US: 1) how long did it take to get a job 2) what jobs did you get when you first arrived to the positions that you are in now. Thanks guys!
  10. Huge congrats to you Tarka!! All the best on your new venture!
  11. Hi Melley, Also interested in Canada. If you have any info please share with me...thanks Just to give you some personal info. I am in my 3rd of Bachelor of Accounting Science degree at Unisa. I will be finished May/June next year. Should all go well Hubby is a financial planner. We have a 3 year old daughter. It seems a tertiary qualification is a great advantage when it comes to immigration. I started studying late, but the end is now in sight. Does anyone know if there is a cut off age for DVL?
  12. Pickles, if you don't mind me asking, how many times have your guys entered ?
  13. sorry, I see my posts are being duplicated, not sure why..
  14. Huge Congrats Pickles!!! All the best to you and your family. Please keep us posted on your path to the USA
  15. Thanks Oscar for calling, so looks like the results stay the same
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