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    I def need more info! We are looking at Centennial area because of the schools. My office is in the center of Denver (Grant Street). Any helpful tips?
  2. Hi all, So we have our H1B approved and now it is on to the interview and I have a few questions: 1) do you need to an itinerary? if you do, should it be for 12 months? 2) do i need to print out all the relevant educational certifications and other supporting docs that went with the H1B filing (the original submitted docs is on its way from the US via FedEx) but do i need to add more? 3) we are intending to extend our stay and apply for green cards, should we mention that in the interview (i have read conflicting info on here); 4) It also looks like i need to take my offer letter and job description, is that correct? Thanks for all the help
  3. w0und3d


    Hi Janneman, Thank you very much! We got our interviews scheduled and now on to the rest of the "everything" Thanks!
  4. w0und3d


    Hi there, Thank you for creating this forum it has been very helpful already! We got H1b approval yesterday and we will be flying to Denver Co in the next few weeks!. It will be myself, wife and our 2 kids (8yo and 20months) so it is going to be a great! I have a ton of questions for the other forums! Thanks already!
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