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  1. deal

    Appliances? Tv's

    Yip my son wants to bring everything. He says his collection is too big to leave behind so he needs to bring the platforms able to play them too! Even an old retro atari console!!!
  2. deal

    Appliances? Tv's

    Thanks your tips and advise greatly appreciated. Just told my son about the fender amp. He's distraught as he just bought himself this stunning amp a few months ago He sounds just like you. Also a massive geek with guitars and electronincs
  3. deal

    Appliances? Tv's

    What about amplifiers, playstation etc
  4. deal

    Appliances? Tv's

    Hi again. Will my small appliances from SA work in the USA? I won't be bringing fridges, dishwashers, washing machine and tumble driers but I'd like to bring all the little ones. Someone said I only need to get some kind of adaptor. Is that true? Also the TV's? Have a couple and they are fairly new so I'd really like to bring them. Would they work?
  5. Thanks for this interesting article! Yip apart from the glaringly obvious reasons for leaving SA, this for us is a high priority reason. There is no support and not much in the way forward for special needs in this country
  6. Hi. Thanks! I'm really not sure how the system works over there. In SA our options are so limited. I have no idea how there "inclusive" programmes work. I have seen a lot of private "autism" schools in NJ and was perhaps looking for a bit of direction and advise as I don't even know where to start looking. The mind boggles with the choice there!
  7. Hi. Anybody in New Jersey in this forum? We moving there soon and looking for a school for my son who is on the autistic spectrum. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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