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  1. Hi there I am currently on an L1 visa, based in the USA, wanting to apply for my GC through my employer. One of the documents apparently required is an unabridged birth certificate for each applicant. We have them for our kids, but not for my husband and I as we have never needed them before (not even for our L1 visa). Any advice on firstly if there is a way to get around this requirement, or alternatively obtain the UBC in a reasonable timeframe? thanks!
  2. Hi there Does anyone know of the easiest and cheapest way to transfer money to SA? I think I can do a wire transfer through my BoA account, but was wondering if there are other options? Thanks Wanya
  3. Wanydp

    Two Months On

    Thanks everyone! I managed to get a car so we are really relieved Need some advice: We now have temporary number plates which need to be replaced in 30 days. The dealer thinks we need a state drivers license in order to buy new plates. Is this correct? IF it is, does it mean I need to do the drivers test in 30 days?
  4. Hi there We recently moved to the USA and my 10 month old had her last vaccinations in SA (at 9 months). According to the SA schedule her next vaccinations are due at 1 year. However I know nothing about the local requirements and whether they would recognize the vaccinations they had in SA. Any suggestions? Thanks Wanya
  5. Wanydp

    Two Months On

    What particular cons should we be on the lookout for in terms of buying a car from a used car dealer?
  6. Hi there My family and I arrived in the US late July and are based in Northern Virginia. Any other South Africans based in this area?
  7. Hi all Been reading this topic with interest as faced with the exact same decisions! We have 2 young kids (3yrs and 6 months) and wracking our brains regarding what to ship. The comment around familiarity for kids is very helpful, as well as the comment around taking the entire living room. We need the baby stuff such as camp cot etc, and want to take toddler's bed. Also have a really nice dining room set we feel sorry to let go as well as our bed set. However apart from that, what else would you say we should take with. It's such a toss up between paying less in shipping but then having to fork out a lot upfront to get set up. Can't decide which approach is better? From a practical perspective, I know appliances and electronics won't work. What else is not worth taking along that we would not be aware of. Someone mentioned beds? For those who have been living in the US for a while, looking back, what should you have brought or rather left behind! Thanks!
  8. Hi there What do you mean by the beds differ?
  9. Hi all I have received a job offer with my current employer in the USA, who are applying for an L1 Visa for me. From my understanding my husband will get an L2 visa, which means he can work for any employer. However apparently he can only apply for an employment authorisation document (EAD) once he arrives. Does anyone have any experience in this? How long does it take to get this authorisation? Is it just a paper filling exercise, or is there a chance he may not get it and therefore will not be able to work? When does he start applying for jobs: before we leave, once we arrive or only after we have the EAD? thanks!
  10. Wow thanks everyone! This is really helpful.
  11. Hi there My husband and I are looking to relocate in the next 6 months to the USA and have a choice of a couple of cities where my employer is based i.e. NYC, NJ/CT, LA, Long Island, Dallas, DC, Mcclean VA mainly. We have 2 young children (3 years and 6 months) and would appreciate some insight / advice into which of these areas would be best for a young family taking into account weather, cost of living and neighbourhoods ideal for young kids (eg childcare, parks etc). I know the response may be "it depends" and do some research (which I have), but it's all a bit overwhelming sitting this side of the pond. Therefore would love personal insights and advice. Thanks so much!
  12. Thanks Janneman. That is significant! We are still applying for visas but looking at an L1 visa.
  13. Hi Petrus Did you eventually put together a rough budget together for cost of living in the USA? Busy doing the same exercise now and needing some help!
  14. Hi there My husband and I are looking to relocate in the next 6 months to the USA (probably NY / NJ). We have 2 young children (3 years and 6 months) and would appreciate some insight / advice into daycare / preschool options for them as I will need to work full time when I am there. Currently in SA my 3 year old is at 1/2 day preschool and my baby is with a full time nanny at home. Thanks!
  15. Thanks SJ27. Not sure if it has been answered elsewhere, where can I look? I tried a search on the forum but not much came up. I am aware the employer applies, however they are a small firm and have asked us to look into what would be required of them. I have done some research but was wondering if anyone on the forum obtained this visa and could give some insight?
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