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  1. marelda


    Good luck everyone. I pray for all of us counting down the hours and hoping that we will get this. The universe somehow needs to make this happen!
  2. marelda

    L1A Vs H1B

    Hello from sunny hot SA! (still here) I work for a large family business in SA and was in the process of going the L1a route to get to the USA. First fees paid to immigration lawer, but ive paused a bit as my sister (currently a USA citizen) knows a family who have a huge company in the USA and are willing to go the H1b route for me/us. My question is, do you think we have a chance here, given its sort of a lottery in itself? I have 14 years experinece in Communications/Marketing and have a Bachelors Degree. And yes already entered the GCL... TIA Marelda
  3. marelda

    Stuck In A Rut

    Thank you [at]Clay, this is exactly the advice I was looking for! Did you go this route? How is it working out for you? Update on my side: We are starting a company in the USA.
  4. marelda

    Stuck In A Rut

    Thanks both. Yea my sister is a citizen so my parents will going via her when they're ready. Problem on my side is that we were about to purchase a USA business then apply for the L1 visa but now that they're going through a divorce, my mom has pulled out of this. They're still going to fill in all the paperwork for us but won't want to invest. The L1 visa allows you to start a new business, what I'm asking is, if we can still do this you think? Or should I just forget about the lawyers fees and look to move to Canada with the savings we have?
  5. marelda

    Stuck In A Rut

    Hi All NEED some serious advice here, please. Our whole family was due to immigrate soon - my sister is in the USA. We work for the family business in SA and my parents were on the brink of purchasing a USA company for the L1A intercompany transfer visa (parent's company being in SA), immigration lawyer fees etc paid, when one of the members (one of my parents) pulled back on their decision. They were originally going to go via my sister... My husband and i were going to run this company for them in the USA and now this has fallen through. We've sold our house in SA etc but dont have enough money to purchase a business. The immigration lawyers fees are ofcourse non refundable and we can still go but without a business we are stuck:( Any advise around the L1A?
  6. marelda

    Where To Live

    You seem to have read a lot not a little. Anyways, it is indeed financially riskier, especially if you don't want to take that chance or not see your funds for 5 years. Some (EB-5) have been waiting for a green card for over a year now. The L1A is becoming the more popular option and is great if you're an entrepreneur.
  7. marelda

    Where To Live

    Depends on which state you choose. For eg If you choose Colorado, they process in California and the processing time is 1 month. In florida its 6 months. This however changes on a monthly basis. Isnt EB5 much riskier?
  8. marelda

    Where To Live

    I probably wasnt clear enough hehe... Thanks, cross fingers for us
  9. marelda

    Where To Live

    Thanks Shaun. Want to avoid humidity as much as possible:) SJ27 - As mentioned, we're in the application process and yes, with our Attornerys. As part of the process, we need to set up a business and for that we would need to know where. That taking into account, type of business, market research, cost of living etc etc. Once we have that, we will work with their team to lease a property, set up a bank account and so on. Regarding my parents, they already have green cards, so no they wont be joining the business.
  10. marelda

    Where To Live

    We have an existing business in SA, but L1 requirements aren't that the new branch be the exact same business. California is expensive isn't it? What are thoughts on NC?
  11. marelda

    L1A Visa Question

    Hi Charly Off the topic - how did your L1 process go. Im in process at the moment and praying every day..
  12. Hi Wanydp Like you, last year we made the decision to move and researched all the avenues. I too worked for a large Consulting company (probably your competitor;)) and tried going through them. The problem is that with an H1b visa the paperwork is insane for the employer and you will need to prove to the USCIS that no one else can do what you do. And again, the quota is a problem. We also entered the Green Card lottery many times and nothing, and then became very despondent. We joined the family business when we had a little one and this unknowingly worked in our favour. Then end last year, we decided to contact an immigration lawyer in the USA and he talked us through the EB5 (which ofcourse requires an insane amount of money) and the L1A visa. At present we are in the process of applying for the L1A. Crossing fingers and praying every day. Good luck to us both:)
  13. Hi All Any of you been through the L1 A application? Trying to determine the success rate. Thanks M
  14. marelda

    Where To Live

    Hi All New here:) .... So we're in the L1A visa application process and hopefully things will go our way (crossing fingers) and we will immigrate in the next few months. We're starting a business (still to decide on type) and my parents will be joining us in the next year. My mom would like to move somewhere near the beach. The problem is, is a business near a beach = no success? Any advise? Where do saffers stay in the USA with a similar climate (to jhb/cpt) Thanks M
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