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  1. Hi there candidate Just to add my two cents..... From someone that works in a university here , I would recommend you rather look at doing the extra credits here than doing an honours degree through Unisa. Unisa is not well recognised here and you may find yourself heading into problems when they need to assess her qualifications again when applying for a masters. Also look at other liberal arts colleges as well as the community colleges maybe some of the credits she could do through them.The cheaper way to do a four year degree here in the US is to do the first two years at a community college and then transfer.
  2. Def Australia is much better where it comes to quality of life and schooling. Australia made much better progress in the PISA test scores than the US or UK for that matter. Also for work life balance - this is something that hardly exists in the US. Depending what field you are in - here you literally work your life away. I mean 15 days vacation and some people can't even afford to take those few days. If you have small children - Australia is a much better place to raise them
  3. Oh yes and by the way - there are different types of evaluations - one is work related and the other is if you need your qualifications evaluated for study purposes. The university I work for uses an outside agency that evaluates qualifications and I must say in most cases they have not had any problems with degrees coming from SA. I do know that for IT they do require additional courses if you are going to study
  4. I have a B Tech Degree from Cape Tech and when I had it evaluated it was on par with a Bachelors Degree here, However if I wanted to do a Masters here I would have to do some extra courses in order to qualify for the entrance requirements. Hope this answers you question
  5. Malumate, How does one retain SA citizenship when applying for US citizenship. What is the process?
  6. Not so quick- Loving it. When you notify SA , the ARE tax issues. I am not so sure on the specifics but I do know you will be taxed on your property in SA as it will not be your primary residence. I would suggest you enquire with SARS
  7. lambg

    Anyone In Michigan

    Hi there Is there any saffers in Michigan, prefereably in Grand Rapids?
  8. lambg

    Soccer Parties

    Does anyone know if there will be any soccer parties in houston during the world cup?
  9. lambg

    Satelite Tv

    Hi there Can anyone tell me how satelite tv works here in Texas. I purchased a tv hoping I could only get the local channels. I then discovered that you had to sign up with comcast or one of the other networks. What happens if you live in apartment and you can't get a dish? What do you do then. Can someone please fill me in. This seems so strange to me. Looking forward to your response. Many thanks lambertg
  10. lambg

    Lots Of Questions

    Malamute, Does that mean every time one moves to a new state you have to get a new drivers licence? Can you please explain?
  11. Please continue............ Dying to hear more..........
  12. Thanks Treverley Will definately look into it. What did you use as an address if I may ask?
  13. Does anyone know where one can find short term apartment rentals in Houston ? Thanks in advance g
  14. lambg

    Ssn Offices

    Hi there Hoping someone can help me with this one. On arrival in the US does one need to go to the SSN office near the address where your SSN card or your green card will be mailed to or can you go to any SSN office. The reason I am asking is that we requested for our cards to be sent to friends of ours in Florida,( we had indicated on the original immigration forms to send the cards to Florida) however we will be going to TX and wanted to go to a SSN Office in Houston rather than having to fly to Florida . Is this possible? Looking foward to your response. Thanks in advance lambg
  15. lambg

    Final Interview

    I can assure you - you will have a very pleasant interview experience at theUS embassy in Johannesburg . If you have all your paper work in order it will be a breeze. The lady that interviewed us was really very nice. My interview was about a month ago and it was one of the best visa interviews I've had.
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