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  1. Utah


    Directv carries Super 15, Currie Cup and The Championships on Channel 490.
  2. Utah


    What a great question!
  3. Although he appears as just a radical individual, I am sure that he represents the views of a larger group. He certainly is dangerous to the country.
  4. Utah


    I have heard this story many times. I recall it being quoted before the RWC in '95. It seems that before every major event in South Africa the story pops up. Whether its true or not I cannot say as Jacob doesn't bother to let know what he is planning. All I can say is that I certainly am worried about my family. My in-laws should be out before the World Cup but my parents will likely not be able to move in the next decade. Now reading on www.thezimbabwemail.com this story (http://www.thezimbabwemail.com/zimbabwe/5112.html) about Zimbabwe's apparent agreement with Iran to trade uranium (the fuel for nuclear power) for oil raise some concerns over a potential partnership between two leaders that perhaps do not necessarily have their own countries best interests at heart.
  5. Welcome Hendrik. Look forward to your insights in some of the questions posted on the forum.
  6. Very exciting! Good luck!
  7. Utah


    Chris, the H1-B time frame is actually only six months. The petition is filed on April 1st and if approved you are able to start work on October 1st. Essentially "good help is hard to find" they say. As part of the process the employer (sponsor) needs to show that they have difficulty in filling the position. Thus waiting six months is no more of a hardship to them. But for those employers that know what is involved I am sure that they think twice before proceeding down this road.
  8. That's funny. I think the pizza here is terrible!
  9. I get asked often if I am going back to South Africa for the World Cup. I am amused by the question but I think generally people are sincere and figure that it is probably easy for me to go back and would want to be apart of the event. So out of curiosity, anybody here thnking of going back for the World Cup?
  10. Utah

    The Big Easy

    True, we all do. I think most of us are just simply proudly South African when it comes to Ernie. I have American friends that are quick to let me know how Ernie has done.
  11. Utah

    The Big Easy

    We are absolutely in agreement!
  12. Utah

    The Big Easy

    Ernie is a good man.
  13. Utah

    Setanta Sports

    Fox Soccer Plus finally sorted out the schedule late last week.
  14. Utah

    Setanta Sports

    The online tv listing now longer lists Super 14 games either. I sent an email to Fox Sports asking what the deal is. My question was as follows: COMMENTS: The Fox Soccer Plus Channel previously showed Super 14 rugby games scheduled. These games no longer appear on the tv listing schedule. Will these games no longer be broadcast by Fox Soccer Plus? Their email reply was as follows: Thank you for contacting us regarding Fantasy Baseball on FOXSports.com. The 2010 game has recently launched. You can enter or create a league and team of your own. Here is a link to the game home page. http://msn.foxsports.com/fantasy/baseball/commissioner Thanks again, and good luck. -Mike FOXSports.com Customer Support How I am now feeling:
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