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  1. Hi We have been here now for 10 years and got the green card and the citizenship But now I desperately want to go back I just found out we no longer South African citizenship. There was some form my husband did not send in to be able to retain it after getting US citizenship. And I knew I could not keep it as I already had another passport I wanted to keep. So To get back we would need the temporary work visa, and only after that can my man apply to have his citizenship re-instated, and as far as I know he will not lose his US citizenship, then I could get somekind of permanent residence status. This is really hard, but realistically, I do not think I have a chance of finding work in Cape Town while living here, and my employer would have to fill out extra paperwork to employ me. And I do know that career wise it will again be a step backwards, but am willing to take that. And I am worried about whether or not I will be afford a private schoool for my 2 kids and all living expenses But I am definitely not ready to give up on my dream. If you have any hints on how to immigrate back the other way, then please let me know. I would also appreciate some links I know that to some I might sound crazy, but for me this is something I should have considered sooner. We just got caught up in thinking that our lives would be so wonderful and it would all work out and we would be happy, and it did not turn out that way
  2. Bobotjie

    Reality bites

    Not always. They will be able to qualify for food stamps and welfare. They cannot do that in South Africa. They can live without crime being their biggest worry. I would say they did not make a mistake
  3. It is not that straight forward. Each state has its own certification process. Google Utah teacher certification you can also look at: http://www.city-data.com/forum/utah/
  4. This is not easy to do. But do what you can to keep the communication channels open. Send her the camera. Respect her right to make descisions about her own life. She will come back, and when she does she will be more mature and respect you more. I feel your pain. In time it will get better.
  5. House - Mortgage - remax.com, mortgagemarvel.com You will not have a credit history, so forget about it for at least a year. House - Rental - Rent.net, www.craigslist.com Personal Property Tax - ?? Real Estate Tax - not your worry now Communication Cellular Phone x 2 - Who will you be phoning? Get a pay as you go. Transport Car payment (lease/rental) 1 car - Try to buy one cash Car Insurance - A lot for you since you do not have a driving history Other Domestic worker - I like this one. I guarantee your wife will accuse you of living in a hote. And did your mother walk behind you your entire childhood picking up every piece of dirt you dropped? You did not mention health insurance. Most employer plans are not what they used to be. My employer pays half for employee, witch is not so much, but the family plan is about $6000 per year Daycare for your 1 year old will probably be about $1000 per month. Look into home day care, as this can be a little cheaper. Also the more respected day care centres have waiting lists. But if you arrive with a checkbook they might be able to help out. Your kids will need clothes and school supplies. School supplies are the smaller expence. With clothing, take the kid to the mall and let him/her pick what they like at Abercrombie, Aeropostal Garden Services -forget
  6. Bobotjie

    Uni Fee

    Milwaukee school of engineering (Wisconsin) http://www.msoe.edu/academics/academic_dep...ents/aebc/bscm/
  7. Bobotjie

    Uni Fee

    This is totally off topic, but Tri-Nations in Aussie bar!! - the bar will most likely be filled with sa expats
  8. On the other hand you could say: Use your own head. Too much helicopter parenting is suffocating. Thats what parenting is. You build the ship and ready the sails, then realize you cannot control the winds.
  9. Bobotjie

    Uni Fee

    Have you looked into community colleges? A Bsc is 4 years and after doing 2 years at a community college you can transfer to a university and finish the degree there? They are the cheaper ruote. You can get foreign student loans. The interest rate is higher than what locals pay, but it is doable. Another thing you could consider is University of London, (which is the same as unisa). The student visa allows you to work only at the college campus. The last I heard is that many US students are going to Canada. Their fees have not risen as much as at US institutions. Another option is Europe and Australia. What are you thinking of studying?
  10. Bobotjie


    Don't omit the milk powder if the recipe calls for it. Milk has milk sugars that the yeast needs to grow. If you want to shift to low GI diet take books out the library and look for tried and tested recipes. This is much better than as a novice trying out self made flour mixtures. For me, buying a bread mashine was the best thing I have done. You should be able to brows the librarys book catalog online and place a hold on a book.
  11. Have any of you sent your kids to a private school that has entrance exams. Like the isee or the ssat. I found a private school (with uniforms) in my town and am interested in sending my daughter there. She just is the kind of child who would benefit from a smaller class size and a more rigorious academic curriculum. This becuase she is lazy, but does well when pushed to do so. On the other hand I am not sure if my child has the kind of personality they are looking for, but for her sake I would just at least like to try and see what happens. I am just wondering what the 3 hour tests are like. Or what it will be like for such a young child to be rejected? Have any of you gone through the stress that I just hear legends about?
  12. A local was surprised and said that the people should be welcomed with open arms. They are after all fellow sufferes, having endured colonial rule etc, etc. To him this was just unthinkable.
  13. How can a 19 year old be kept against her will? She is free to rent her own place and live on her own. But if she can't pay no-one will rent to her. Is lack of finances that she is responsible for the same as being kept against her will? Officially your residence is her home. I don't understand. I agree that she should come up with the rebooking fee herself. Does she expect you to be the money cow for ever? I don't understand, but I agree that she is immature. I doubt that you need to fear the police. They do not like to get involved in family matters. And there is no previous evidence of being investigated by child protective services.
  14. I disagree. If she is old enough to plan flights, she should be old enough to find out if the flights have been cancelled. .
  15. On a deserted paradise island, a shipwreck and the result was 2 italian men and one Italian woman 2 french men and one Frech woman 2 german men and one German woman 2 greek men and one Greek woman 2 english men and one English woman 2 bulgarian men and one Bulgarian woman 2 Japanese men and one Japanese woman 2 Chinese men and one Chinese woman 2 Irish men and one Irish woman 2 Swedish men and one Swedish woman Situation after 1 month: The other Italian ran away to another island with the woman, to get to keep the woman and to avoid competion. The French live with each other in peace as a threesome. The Germans have a detailed schedule when they meet the woman. The Greek men sleep together and the woman cleans and makes all the food for them. The English are still waiting for someone to introduce the woman to them. The Bulgarians first looked at the sea for a long time, then at the woman, then started swimming. The Japanese sent a message to Tokyo and are waiting for instructions. The Chinese opened up a local cafe, a laundromat and are waiting for descendants from the woman. Descendants are to be co-workers. The Irish men divided the island into Northern island and southern island, and started a whisky factory. They cannot remember if they have made love to her, because they have already drank the first litre of coconut whisky. They are however content that the English do not seem to be having as much fun. The Swedish men are considering joint suicide, because the woman complains constantly about the lack of her good looks, promotes the spirit of feminism, reminds them that she can do all things as well as the men, reminds them her own self-worth, the need to share household chores, complains that the sand and palm trees make her look fat, reminds them how her previous boyfriend appreciated her opinions and treated her better than these 2, and how her relationship to her mother is going better. She is unsatisfied with the local offering of fashion clothes, red wine and weekly magazines. The mens only joy is the lack of taxes and the weather is better.
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