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  1. Your observations are spot on ... and I ditto the wisdom from "Durbs". After about 2 years it starts to shape up.
  2. Its a scam!!! You get a degree the old fashioned way ... by enrolling in a degree program at an accredited college, attending and participating in classes, completing assignments, and taking tests, until you have fulfilled all the credit requirements for the degree. There are some exceptions for applied credit on the basis of portfolios, but generally you are dealing with an accredited college. Also, the portfolio option is sometimes more work than just taking the class. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
  3. Indeed, joining the US military opens many doors, such as a quick path to citizenship, a good healthcare plan, and also tuition benefits. My friend who was in the marines often speaks of his time as a fantastic opportunity. Right now, I dutifully save money for my kiddies to go to College, and hope it will be enough ... but I can tell you, AP in high school, a couple of years of community college and then finish in the school of choice is how we will probably be able to afford it, given the current scenario. I completely agree that a College education is no guarantee of how smart one is, nor is the school one attended any indication of the quality of the individual ... and I also agree that many kids are pushed toward a College career when they are not really academically inclined or motivated, and perhaps other career options might be better choices. Unfortunately there are ingrained prejudices in society that "rate" the individual based on whether they have a university education or not ... and where they attended University ... it is what it is, but it is unfair ... because many professions cost less to get into, are nothing to be sniffed at in terms of skill, may be more fun and less stressful and can earn you a lot more money than the doors College opens. So it depends on the aspirations of the kid ... and sometimes the kids are unsure well into the twenties.
  4. Janneman, This is one of two strategies that many families use if full 4 years of tuition at a prestigious College is a little out of reach. In high school, the child does as many AP courses as they can manage, the first two to three years are spent at a community college, and then for the final one to two years they transfer to the College they wish to have their diploma from. The second strategy is for the child to spend time in the military, acquiring tuition benefits as part of the package.
  5. I doubt that the district guidance are misleading you or offering you something inappropriate based on your situation, and their resources. Slaptjips has given you the most sound advice. Have him take the PSAT - and then work with the system from there. To graduate from high school, you need the right number of credits and composition of coursework. Private or virtual schools may seem a better option for you, but these are businesses, so just make sure that when he graduates, it is valid and recognized. Just like Sylvan did, a private school may be only too willing to sign you up for a fee. Make sure the school is accredited. See the following site for a list of accrediting agencies and consortiums: http://www.privateschools.com/private-scho...reditation.html
  6. http://www.spinningwheeldiner.com
  7. I would advise toward having him complete his senior year of high school in the US. If he is to pursue college education in the US, and/or his future is in the US, then the sooner he is part of the US system, the better. That way, his high school education is based in assumptions, terminology and concepts everybody here understands.
  8. May not be the problem, but something to try: Loosen IE7's security restrictions ... Click Tools, Click Internet Options, Click Security ... and try set the level to Medium-High ...
  9. Bubba's advice is solid ... and his offer is generous ... Hang in there. Basically in the US it is all about what you can add / contribute ... you have to show that you have initiative and how your contributions make the companies you work at better places (i.e. saved money, or increased efficiency). The resume must be brief and punchy ... in the active voice ... Beware, in the tech industry it is very easy to go into needless geeky detail about your projects, when you write your resume. Focus on the bottom line. The goal of a resume is not to get you a job, its to get you an interview ... give them a reason to be interested to talk to you. Let us know how things progress. I know it is hard.
  10. Creature

    It wasn't me!

    I may be wrong, but I think the Palin craze might be forgotten in time, and this election was as high as she will go. That is unless she changes her game plan. She spent the bulk of the campaign being a joke (playing around on comedy central with Tina Fey) ... getting skewered by simple TV interview questions, and debating at the level of a high school student. She needs to deal with the gaps in her knowledge first. If she wants to prepare for 2012, she should fly below the radar a while, until the campaign is almost forgotten. Then she should write a serious scholarly article, and publish it in the NY Times, or LA Times ... followed by writing a book ... thus gaining credibility for knowledge of issues and policy ... instead of trying to be another one of the hordes of vapid TV stars. I also agree with the message of jerseygirl's post that GWB is a disappointing presidency due a lack of vision.
  11. You have to ask the institution to send the full academic record (aka transcripts) to the credential evaluation service. Usually the academic affairs department ... and there is often a fee involved. It is confusing now that higher education in SA has been restructured, and may therefore take a few phone calls.
  12. Creature


    This is very informative. My understanding is that many aspects of that SA citizenship law from 1995 were repealed in 2004, including the need to apply for exemption from loss of SA citizenship prior to US naturalization. As a result of this change is the requirement to enter SA on your SA passport. It is in fact now a violation of the SA constitution to be stripped of your SA citizenship. However, the procedural aspects of applying for exemption from loss of SA citizenship based on the 1995 law still seem to apply, and they still seem to require that. It seems that the procedures of the SA citizenship law have not caught up with what the gazetted law and what the SA constitution actually says - basically I think no-one has challenged this in the constitutional court because those who would challenge it do not live in SA, its never come up, its not practical, and they could not be bothered. Regarding the inheritance issue. As I work through this I can tell you that Utah is absolutely correct. The bank simply requires the completion of MP336b and the resulting tax clearance from SARS before they will transfer the money offshore ... or they need an SA bank account to transfer the money to ... they could care less about the machinations of SA Citizenship law.
  13. Creature


    Dredging up this old post. Anyone know how to do this? Did not officially emigrate, although I did square away with SARB before I left. Closed SA accounts because of the fees ... being nickeled and dimed by them ... and it was impractical. Executor says I need an SA bank account, or must have officially emigrated. Seems the system is designed to keep the money in SA. Very few people officially emigrate because it is impractical and costly. Very few people keep active bank accounts in SA because of the fees, and it is also impractical. Anyone dealt with this? Is there a viable and legal way, without an SA bank account, other than official emigration, or travel allowance? I would rather not kick of emigration as a matter of principle, because its designed as the last chance for the SARB to milk the cash cow. I am hoping there is some way I could have the money deposited to a relative, who then gradually, over time, gifts it to me ... but I am not sure the executors will go for it.
  14. Creature

    GC entry at customs

    It is no problem on a GC. Malamute's definitions of immigration and customs are absolutely correct, and important ... immigration = people ... customs = stuff.
  15. Sorry to hear of your news. Be strong!
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