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  1. Edwina


  2. I had a wonderful vacation in Ballito...won't believe it, but we did not even go to Durban...not even the Indian Market. I spend my days at the beach in Ballito, and the tidal pools..so nice. The new airport at La Mercy will open soon...that is going to be real good.
  3. Denny's is the place to go for breakfast.
  4. Thanks Mak. I agree that the international school education is advanced, no question about that, just like some private schools in the US. My son is looking forward to continue at a public school next year..a "normal" school is what he calls it these days. My daughter graduated from High School in the US and she was never enrolled in any private or international schools. Well, she continued her studies in Australia and now working on her Masters here in Switzerland.
  5. Hi there, Just a quick question to you since you have experience in the admissions process for students to US schools. My son was in public schools in the US till 5th grade and then in a private school from 6th to 8th. We moved to Switzerland last year and he completed his 9th grade and half way through 10th now. We will be moving back to the US next year June, so he will finish his 11th and 12th grade in a public school there. Do you think there will be problems with this? I have heard that students moving from an International School to the US usually have to repeat a grade...now that is rediculous to say the least. Why would that be? Also is there anything special I need to bring along from the school here, other than report cards? I tried to send you a private message, did not work.
  6. Thanks a lot Durbs, I will let you know. Your friend has a good deal on the house, almost the same as a 2 bedroom apartment. I might have to travel to Houston before the summer and have a look around. Good luck on everything, hope all works out the way you want it to be. Well, life certainly is not boring for some of us. Does this age us...or keep us young?
  7. Thanks, I will look into this school also. Are there apartments around this area? I have to keep in mind that when I choose a school we have to live within the school zone. I also looked into Klein Oak HS, my son used to have swim practice at this school and it looked nice,...well, he was not a student there,,so I cannot really tell. Also,I don't think there are many apartments around that area. Do you live in the Woodlands?
  8. Yes, I am moving back in the summer, my son has one more semester and we will be off. This will only be for 2 years, so he can finish high school in the US. He is so excited to go back. We will keep our place here and will be back for vacations,,or at least the long summer break. I have not decided on a school yet, either Woodlands HS, Cy-Fair or Cypress Woods. Have to do more research.
  9. Is your children happy in Woodlands High School? I send you a private message also. I am moving back temporary (2years..but will spend the vacations in Switzerland where we live now) I am just going back for my son to finish 11th and 12th grade there. The Internationl School here is not really what we thought it would be...very small, and limited choices. Here the schools I am considering: Woodlands HS, Cy-Fair, Cypress Woods, and Cypress Creek. I like the Woodlands,,but since this is also Conroe School district, I am not certain. I have no experience with the public schools in these areas, although we lived in the area, my son only attended private schools, (from 4th grade up) My daughter however completed her HS in Tomball, and I am not even considering that area. Would be glad to hear your opinion on Woodlands HS. We spend a lot of time in the Woodlands since we lived in Magnolia(17 years) which was very close, I took the backroads, and then on the Woodlands Parkway. The Woodlands was our place to hang out,,movies, dinner, the mall ect. I never liked the 1960 area too much, and the Willowbrook Mall and that area was a no no. A man once grabbed my daughter's handbad and ran off, car broken in twice..and that at the Willowbrook Mall. Now I am dwelling off. Anyway, after moving back to Switzerland just 16 months ago (container and all) here I go moving back...but not really moving,this is just a temp.little issue I have to take care off. Thank goodness apartments are plenty, very nice, and not expensive. Would be glad to hear your opinion on Woodlands High School. Take care, and glad to hear you are all settled in.
  10. Edwina

    Travellers Cheques

    I totally agree on the credit card, and believe me I was not planning to use it..The Maestro Card is a Debit card, just to withdraw cash. No way was I going to use a Credit card in South Africa. I have heard too many stories. And they still use those old swipe machines with the lever thing?? Cannot believe it, but I am not too surprised either. Thanks for the tips.
  11. Edwina

    Travellers Cheques

    Thanks again for the advice. So I will take a little more cash. The Cresta you mention is it in Randburg? (I remember a Cresta Mall) My sister lives in President Ridge, so that is not too far from there, if I remember correctly. I have not been back in 11 years, and then only for a week in Jhn. so I really do not remember well. I did however live in Randpark Ridge about 20 years ago..for 2 years. I guess I am going to be so surprised to see all the changes. The remainder of my holiday will be spend on the North Coast of KZN,,which I think will be nice. I am not so fond of JHB.
  12. Edwina

    Travellers Cheques

    Thanks Bev. Just not like it used to be in the old days, really. Will it be a hassle to find an American Express office? I will use my Maestro Card, but also want to take travellers cheques and a little cash.
  13. Wow, excellent Afrikaans. You will do fine in the US, believe me.(especially after your first 8 months,,double the salary..not bad) I am also moving back, for 2 years only. (we live in Switzerland now) . My son will finish his High School in the US. We lived in Houston for 17 years, and before we moved to Switzerland (sold our house a year before), we lived in a very nice apartment. I enjoyed it,,was nice not to mow the grass and rake the pine needles. We never had any trouble, had a gym, pool,game room, and made new friends. Living in an apartment is not so bad...if it is only temporary. I just wanted to let you know, do not worry about apartments,,there are very nice ones,any also not so nice ones,,it all depends what you want to pay off course. Also, check out the School District. You can look up the school ratings, and test scores...very important. There are good school districts....and not so good school districts. I am in the process now of looking at schools. Believe me, this is important. We did not know this when we first moved to Houston,,bought a nice place.(within 2 months being there)..and later had to send my son to a private school. Hope you and your family will be very happy..all the best to you.
  14. Edwina

    Travellers Cheques

    Has anyone travelled to SA and used travellers cheques there? I haven't used travellers cheques in a while now,,the last time was 3 years ago during my visit to Australia, and it irritated me a bit with the forms I had to fill out (where I live during my stay, where will I go next..ect. ect.) just to cash the cheques. (Bank) I then found an American Express office, and no forms and no hassle. What is it like in SA?
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