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    Almost 6 years in the U.S. For those of you who are thinking of emigrating here. Its a wild ride, like nothing you'll ever experience, but hold on tight, its worth every second
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  1. Wanted to drop by to "old faithful" and say hi again. I talk to alot of you on FB but I have to remember where my alliances started. Hope everyone is doing well. Love and hugs Dee
  2. Happy Birthday Deedz

  3. Hi Chris, its Dee, I'm currently in south africa and travelled here on a temporary british passport, the only hassle I had when entering south africa is that they said I should have entered on a south african passport as I hold duel citizenship. But other than that it was stress free.
  4. Talking of "Sweeties" I asked my neighbor at work if she had any sweeties and she handed me a can of Lipton iced tea" thinking I'd asked if she had any "Sweet Tea".
  5. Good morning to our Newbie family. Welcome to SAUSA, you already have a family here routing for you. Welcome aboard and please keep us posted on how things go in the lottery. We have seen many families, enter, (several times) win, and have watched them go through the process until they finally land on American soil. We will be here every step of the way. Hugs and warm greetings Dee
  6. Deedz


    Lydia, I'm not sure where in Houston you are but contact Slaptjips on here as she is in the Northern Houston area and is very familiar with the feelings of being Homesick. Also Durbs (another member on here) is from Houston, in fact Durbs arranges an annual Potijie kos meet once a year and south africans from all over the U.S. get together. Let me know if you manage to get hold of them. Gee, Amber, this forum got me through the first two years of my life in the U.S. You are amongst friends who truly DO understand that hopeless feeling of being homesick. We are all here to help you, reach out and we'll get you through it.
  7. Deedz

    Final Interview

    Sooooooooooooooo the 1st of Feb is over, how did you get on at the Embassy?
  8. Deedz

    Hi Everybody

    Welcome to the best "South Africans living abroad site" on the web. I see you got some good advice from one of our members. If you happen to land in the Midwest I would be more than happy to help you get settled. We have a wealth of information on this site and a great band of people cheering you on. Welcome to our family. Dee
  9. My eldest son has misplaced in unabridged birth certficate but I have his abridged. I have a couple of questions. a) How does he obtain another unabridged birth certificate? Can he apply for his south african passport with an abridged birth certificate (he currently has only a british passport, but because he was born in South Africa they require him to have his South African passport from hereon in order to go back home. c) Can I apply for his South African passport from here?
  10. Hi Booger, welcome to SAUSA and congratulations. I came to US by marriage so I'm afraid I can't offer you much advice in this regard. We have some very knowledgeable people on this site, who are more than willing to share their experiences with you. I hope your questions are answered shortly. Good luck with your interview
  11. Beautifully put Cazz, you really put everything into perspective. You're right, this time of year is a tough one for me, but I look at what I've given my sons and I have to believe I made the right decision. You never forget home, South Africa is in our blood, it will always be. One of the reasons we come back to SAUSA years after arriving just to regroup, find ourselves, and be amongst people who truly understand those days of loneliness. Ronel, you have to believe this was all part of the plan, that one day you will understand why this time wasn't the time for you to leave our beloved SA.
  12. Emigrating is not for faint of heart, as many of us can attest to. There is no right or wrong decision, without the buy in from both of you it may have ended costing you your marriage. I'm so so sorry to read your post, my heart breaks for you.
  13. Thank you ALL for sharing. I'm so glad we have one another, don't know what I would have done without all of you.
  14. Deedz

    Anybody Been Arrested?

    LOL Oh lord really? I don't know how you managed to hold your temper, these over zealous cops get on my last nerve. I have witnessed my own son get arrested and there is no time to explain anything, they handle every man woman and child like they're dealing with an international terrorist. The one I dealt with while trying to explain my sons situation was just downright mean and arrogant. His little power trip didn't impress me one little bit.
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