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  1. Hi, Mleg Ek is in Walvisbaai gebore (destyds deel van die Republiek), maar my ID dokument het gesê dat ek in Namibië gebore is. Ek het by Binnelandse Sake (Germiston) aansoek gedoen - deur die normale kanale en geen probleme gehad nie. Dit was so 3 jaar gelede. 'n Voorstel; wanneer jy aansoek doen vir die "unabridged birth certificate', doen sommer aansoek vir die "unabridged marriage certificate" ook. Ons het nog ons oorspronklike huweliks sertifikaat gehad, maar dit was nie aanvaarbaar nie, want dit was handgeskrewe. Good luck. Groete, Boertjie
  2. Hi, there We moved to Oregon just over a year ago and my daughter is currently a Sophomore (Grade 10) in a school with about 2000 kids. Don't underestimate the ability of kids to adapt. In truly South African spirit, they walk in and make it their own. My daughter lost her accent in about 2 weeks. I however cling to it... She finished Grade 8 back in South Africa, then landed here in February and basically wrapped up the 9th grade (Freshman) at the end of May (within 3 months of arrival...), finishing in the top 5% of her grade. Most South African kids have good work ethic and are respectful. I would suggest that your kids get involved in every activity they can - they just broaden the horizon and get to know people they would not have come in contact with. Just one more thing - unless your children are going to a private school, you usually have to attend the school in your school district. In our case, we first found a suitable school and then looked for housing in the school district. Good luck (dis nie altyd maklik nie, maar 'n mens bly ook nie altyd dom (oningelig) nie). Vra gerus as julle nog iets wil weet, ons help graag en dinge lyk baie anders uit die kinders se perspektief!! Groete, Boertjie
  3. Boertjie

    Arriving Soon

    If I remember correctly, we paid about R7000 for both dogs (just about a year ago!!) Petwings also goes by the name "Keringa Kennels". Leave it to the Professionals!! Good luck & God bless, Boertjie
  4. Boertjie

    Arriving Soon

    Hi, there We came over in Feb. 2010 with our two dogs. There is no quarentine period in the USA. We used a Pet relocation agency in Kempton Park. They go by the name of "Pet Wings" and are super helpful and super efficient. Our dogs were pre-cleared and we claimed them on the morning (within 90 minutes) of their arrival. They need to get a "Pink Slip" from the State Vet 72 hours before departure. Worth every cent!!!! It is best to use someone who specializes in this kind of thing. They are just too precious to leave anything to chance. Included in the price, is the Wooden Crate. Just be aware, if your dogs are different breeds (we have a "Worsie" and a "Bokkie") they cannot be shipped in the same container, but if you have two of the same, they can share a container... (Heaven only knows why??) They encourage you to write the names of the dogs on the outside of the wooden crate, so that when they are taken for toilet breaks at stop-overs, they are addressed by their names (which apparently makes it less stressful). Also include some of their "personal effects" (blankets or toys) and their leashes. We took the wooden crates home some time before we left SA (to introduce them to the dogs) It's not as expensive as what people think it is - skimp on something else, but believe me, when one gets homesic having your dogs with you helps a lot!!! Good luck & best wishes Boertjie
  5. Dankie Almal Vir die duim vashou, woorde van bemoediging ens. Ek dink ons is oor die hond se stert. Ons is vandag na 'n ander SS Office (Beaverton) en hulle het dadelik die aansoeke verwerk en vir ons bewys gegee van aansoek. Ons het ook 'n huis (apartment) gekry in die skool distrik waar die kinders wil wees. Jis, dis nogal 'n aardige bedraggie (deposito's vir omtrent alles waaraan 'n mens kan dink), maar ten minste kan ons more oggend intrek. Nou nie juis 'n U-Haul nodig om die huisraad oor te vat van die Hotel af nie, maar ten minste 'n plekkie waar 'n mens die "Welkom" matjie voor die voordeur kan sit - dit sal heel moontlik "Welcome" lees. Ons vind dit vreeslik vreemd dat ons nerens het om die veiligheidshek te hang nie!!! (hahaha) Thanks again, Boertjie en familie PS: Bestuur aan die "verkeerde" kant van die pad is ook glad nie meer so intimiderend nie!!!
  6. Hallo Almal Gister koffie gehad saam met Janneman - thanks, Ouboet!!!! Enige iemand wat in Amerika aanland het 'n "Buddy" nodig om die dinge wat ons almal as vanselfsprekend aanvaar, vir die oningeligtes te verduidelik. Nog niks verder vermag nie, maar nie meer so negatief soos 'n dag of twee tevore nie. Vandag is die dag wat ons 'n blyplek kry... Ek is 'n "Boer on the edge" - vandag vat ek nie nee vir 'n antwoord nie. Dankie almal vir die woorde van bemoediging. Dit beteken werklik baie. Sal julle op hoogte hou. Boertjie (aka Benade's op 'n mission)
  7. Hello All We arrived in New York on February, 3, 2010 and after a short stay in NY, flew out to Portland. First port of call, Post Office to open a post box, then Social Security Offices. Here we were told that they would not be able to assist, as we came in on a "Diversity Visa", they were unable to assist until Immigration processed their documentation. Not much we can do here other than the waiting game. Off to the bank to open a banking account. Unfortunately, without a physical address (and the hotel address is not acceptable), we were unable to do so. OK, take 2!!! We tried to rent a house today, but it seems that without a banking account (even if you are prepared to pay in cash, in advance) we cannot be helped. This is not a final "no", but rather a "phone back in the morning" kind of "no". Also, we are expected to enter into a 12 month lease. What if we hate Vancouver or the kids don't like their school or we don't manage to find jobs..... My kids need to get into school and we need to settle down, so we can start with serious job hunting. I know Rome was not built in a day, but then again, I was not the project manager!!! I am sick and tired of take out food - I need my own bed and a home cooked meal!!! I am so frustrated, as I am not expecting any favours or preferential treatment. How the hell is one supposed to get everything into place if you can't do a thing. Is it just Portland or did anyone else also experience what we have been experiencing? Please, please any advice or guidance???? Boertjie and family.
  8. We will be going to Portland, Oregon and no we don't have jobs lined up as yet, we've sent our resumes to quite a few employment agencies! We have three interviews lined up but thats it. We're going across on a dream and loads and loads of faith! Regards, Boertjie
  9. Hi, there Harrassment????? I phoned constantly (daily / 2 or 3 times every day!) We applied at the Germiston offices and were told the best time to go there is at 15:30 as they close at 15:45!! To the front of the queue every time!!! Pleading does not help, but if you dish out compliments it seems to be a different ball game. They accepted our original marriage certificate, but rather play it safe. We only applied for ours after the interview. We still had the original, but they prefer the computer printed one. Good luck!! Boertjie
  10. Hi, there We would also like to know, as it seems that without a SSN, you can't do a thing. We've asked our bank (FNB) to transfer the funds abroad once we've opened an account in the US. It is quite painful (must admit), as they won't do a thing until you've left. Upon departure, they change your account into a "Blocked Account" which can only be accessed from outside of South Africa. You give them authority to transfer funds on your behalf. When are you leaving? Our flights are booked for 2 Feb 2010. Is it normal to be this nervous?????? Regards, Boertjie
  11. Hi, Rookie We also entered via USAFIS - the only reason why thy ask this question is because some websites offer guarantees that they can help you obtain the green card (at about R32K for a family of four - over and above the visa fees of about R26K for a family of four), which is totally incorrect. Just ensure that you have "unabridged" birth and marriage certificates, police clearance, matric certificate, proof of funds (we used a statement from my pension and provident fund) and an address in the US. Don't sweat too much as the experience seems daunting, but it is not. We are not too sure whether you can pay in advance. I think it is advisable to pay at the Embassy at the time of your interview. Just also ensure that your foreign currency limits are set up in such a way that you can do a card payment at the embassy. Ours wasn't, but we only realised it too late and had to run to Sandton City to withdraw cash. Good luck and hang in there!! Regards, Boertjie
  12. Hi Linda, I didn't change my email address on the forum. Please contact me again should you need further help... Please contact me if I could help with the cellular phone. When will she be landing? Regards, Boertjie
  13. Hi, there Linda We are flying out to the US in Feb. 2010 and have a spare phone or two. Drop me a PM and we'll take it to the airport for her when she arrives. Regards, Boertjie
  14. Hi, Johan - is julle nog steeds in Portland? Ons beplan om einde Januarie te kom kyk of ons daar wil settle. Enige raad of voorstelle sal waardeer word. Groete Junior Benade (aka Boertjie)

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