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  1. Having two special needs kids and hitting our high out-of-pocket family limit within the first few months of every year, there are a lot that we had to learn about health insurance over the past 5 years since we arrived in the US. Some additional input to what has already been said: 1. You get PPO, HMO and EPO plans. PPO is definitely what you want if you're in a situation like ours. 2. You lose your job; you lose your health insurance (unless you had private insurance, which is usually ungodly expensive or else, gives you minimal coverage). Most people in the US are insured through their employer's plans, hence you lose your job; you lose your insurance too... Layoffs are pretty easy and quite common in the US, even more so if you're contracting (and usually without notice). Once laid off, you can join COBRA. When on COBRA, expect health providers (Doctors, etc.) to treat or view you with great suspicion - in essence, you bear a cross-hair on your back, because they would know you're out of a job and the risk for default is usually very high. Expect to be made pay in cash in advance for a certain portion of each Dr visit while still on COBRA. COBRA is very expensive and you can only be on it for a max. of 18 months, I think. 3. You could easily face financial ruin (especially if on HMO and EPO plans) if anyone (usually the anesthesiologists who seldom allow themselves to get contracted in) works on you in hospital and if they are not in-network with your health insurance. Even if you insist on only being treated by in-network providers, chances are good that on the day of your op, the hospital couldn't find a particular provider that is in-network (as I said, usually the anesthesiologist) and you're faced with an enormous bill afterwards... Most of the times, upon your appeal, they may agree to make you pay less for it (whatever that amount may be), but there is certainly significant risk there. (Eg. we got a $6,000 bill after confirming that the Lab who did tests on our son was in-network. It turned out that, that was not true and we had to pay... Fortunately, they agreed to squash it to $600. But still... !) 4. Make sure you understand the basic concepts common to most insurance plans: Deductible (one person & family), Out-of-pocket limit (one person & family), Co-Insurance, Co-pay and excess, Benefit limits, etc. 5. You can ask for and be assigned a case officer at your Health Insurer to assist you if you have many claims to deal with or to assist with motivating and appealing special services to be provided or to be extended beyond their benefit limits. (Probably more relevant in our case than in the average person's) 6. Sometimes you may get a bill for a service provided a year or even two later ony... By that time, you may have another Health Insurance already... (we had this several times in the past). Be sure to follow up on bills if you didn't get it. 7. Some providers (notably Children's Hospital) is in the bad habit of not sending you a bill for months (up to 6 months in most cases), then on a good day send it to you all at once together with a threatening letter of demand as if you've ignored their previous bills... (we had this a few times in the past as well). 8. Never pay a Provider unless they'd submitted their bill to your Health Insurance already. Everything has to go through your Insurance so that they can correctly keep track of your deductible balance, etc. Another reason is that you may have been close to meeting your deductible (or out-of-pocket limit) and another claim ahead of theirs will have reached it, hence you could end up paying the second provider unnecessarily. 9. Be sure to log into the Insurer's web site regularly and track all your expenses, in-network providers, your progress towards reaching your limits, etc. 10. The IRS allows you to deduct qualified medical expenses that exceed 10% (7.5% if you're over 65) of your adjusted gross income for the year. That includes your insurance premiums, travel costs for medical care, etc. but excludes non-prescription drugs, cosmetics, etc.
  2. I spared you a thought as I read the following article... http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2017/03/01/what-heck-do-democrats-think-are-doing.html Dems notch it up to new record-breaking lows in obstructionism, petty defiance and insults to Trump's family members. The "Party of HELL NO!"... "Sorry, what was it you wanted approved again?" and "Let's make sure Trump does not even complete his term of presidency". A good read though.
  3. Like you, I claim to be no angel - just a human. Sometimes I'll call people out in response to their ill behaving. (Even St Peter in the Bible grabbed his sword once and chopped off the ear of the guard who wanted to arrest Jesus - that didn't make him any less a Christian if that was your allusion).
  4. :-) Actually, far from it. More than one posting of mine under Spirtual Life in the past weren't replied on. That doesn't bother me at all. They usually still seem to get 50+ views on average even if there aren't any replies. Before I started posting there, it's been a "dead" sub-forum for the most part anyways. I brought some life back to it, I guess - even if just temporarily. (Y'all got the message that you need have come to accept Jesus Christ as Savior before you die and face judgment one day - that's all I really care about). I enjoyed reading earlier some of the left-leaning rants under the General sub-forum about Trump, his wall, etc. So when I stumbled across Cruz's observation that seemed to align with the ongoing hysterical reactions witnessed of various large groups of Dem supporters, that's when I thought it could be a very relevant and balancing topic of discussion under this same sub-forum too. Nothing wrong with that, right? You keep on harping about it being "Cruz's propaganda". Care to support your statement with some proof?
  5. Yes, I would also like to know about politics when moving to a foreign country, but I would like to know how the system works. And others who are still in SA, might be curious to know how we who live here in the US are experiencing the current politics and unfolding intrigues. I get that all the time from friends on FB who are still in SA. See, there is room for that angle of political discussions too. And again, I'm not the first. I haven't seen you or your alter-ego (Boer08) taking exception of others when they posted similar topics in the past (?). You are very fast to judge people you don't know. I said, "Btw, it seems more and more like you too....". That is far from being judgmental. In fact, it leaves the door wide open for you to contest or correct any misconception that could have been derived from your postings and conduct here to date. It is noted that you haven't made any effort yet and that is in itself is leaving the reader with clues.
  6. You have a few problems: 1) I am certainly by far not be first, nor the only person who have been posting about politics and religion on this forum. 2) Politics and religion are very much part of the immigration and settling-in experience. 3) Certain sub-forums seem specifically created for the kinds of discussions that seem to irk you so much. Btw, it seems more and more like you too would rather want to silence any opinions that differ from yours, right? We've seen that here in the recent past. Grow up. Shake off the millennial-like mentality - the world doesn't revolve around your views alone. This is a forum. At forums people argue and debate opinions that sometimes differ from each other's (except of course if you're a liberal - then you only seem to want to ban, silence, insult, characterize, boycott, troll, put your head underneath a rock, run away, get mad at, switch off notifications, block, etc. those views and opinions that differ from yours in true Berkeley College style...) He-he-he, you make me laugh! If SJ27 ever decides to leave because of me, it will be because she's the one who's been trolling my posts AFTER she very explicitly stated - in fact, posted a dedicated topic to that effect - that she doesn't want to be notified and see any further of my posts. Yet, she's been back time and again - not only reading it contrary to her undertakings and wishes, but even replying to it and trolling it... She only has her own inconsistencies and curiosities to blame for any frustrations that she could be experiencing that would result in such a silly departure... :-) And while you're at it, be sure to include the votes from the silent member's as well who's been sending me likes on my posts all the while. I'd like to believe that I too have made (and will continue to make) my fair share of valued contributions here on this forum as well - specifically on immigration advice. If you want, I can provide you with acknowledgments from several members in the past, incl. SJ27, Malamute and others.
  7. Neither of which I have seen you done yet since you joined this topic...
  8. Been there, done that. Targeted topics specifically for a Christian audience in the past, but got trolled nonetheless... The fly just found its way back in again...
  9. Read whatever you want. That's not what I said (nor meant). You left out the word, "still" - quite a difference in meaning right there and by no means an indication that I condone it. You seem determined in trying to justify or euphemize the recent riots, violence, suppression of free speech, incitement, etc. by your efforts to wanting to compare it to past Republican behavior, don't you?!
  10. No, actually you are an internet troll: someone who doesn't contribute to any meaningful discussion of the topic, but who'd otherwise feel a need to be taken notice of like a small inbred dog that's coming in from the side to nip at the ankle... (just because you don't like me or because you don't like my view of the topic) I agree fully: SJ27 and many others are indeed valuable contributors to this forum - for that I respect and appreciate them as much as you or anyone else here does. I have never insulted anyone on this forum in the past (unlike several of them had made repeated characterizations of me in the past - even tried to prescribe to me what I may or may not say - you may have missed all that seeing that you're a junior member still). Having a different religious and political perspective than some on this forum, is indeed probably stirring things up a little bit here. But that's healthy and there's nothing wrong with that (unless you're so liberal that you cannot tolerate a different viewpoint or someone else exercising their first amendment right, right?) Your opinions aren't the only ones out there. I don't take exception or act in the same way when forumites post opinions here that go against my beliefs or views. And if I quote the Bible where it says that people are condemning themselves to hell if they don't accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior - I actually believe I am doing them a favor. I really do. I don't force it down their throats though. If they say they don't believe that - then that's fine by me. If they want to discuss or debate it with me in a civil and respectful manner; I'm always open for that. I usually post those kinds of posts under the Spiritual Life sub-forum. Use you democratic right not to read any of my posts there if you don't want to - no one forces you.
  11. Yeah, she's probably the only one who didn't get it... (LMAO!!) The epitome of being a troll must be someone who goes to the hysterical hormonal extremes of wanting to ignore / block someone else's postings (for no other reason, but for the apparent fear of exposure to an opposing opinion... yes, you read it right), yet who continues to pitch up again and again like clock work at all subsequent postings... Then upon first arrival, goes about an irrational encouragement for a boycott of debate ("Hopefully no one rises to his bait"), but then continues to troll along by posting self-amusing weather updates and even a selfie... You won't find a better definition anywhere else for what a troll is. I told her before, my postings are like proverbial cow dung to her ("koeik[at]k" for lack of a better description) and her reactions are like that of a pregnant drain fly that, despite a moment's hesitation due to the stench, finds itself involuntarily overcome by an urge to nosedive right into it to lay its eggs in the hot steaminess of it... Predictable and entertaining all at the same time. :-) :-) :-)
  12. No, Shaun. It is not the same. In fact, far from it. Obstructionist politics such as government shutdowns and immigration travel order obstruction are comparable and still to be expected from rival ideologies that engage with each other through the established democratic processes. The kind of mass rioting, violence, incitement to kill / "bewitch" the President of the United States, etc. is in a totally different shameful league of its own.
  13. Easy now, Ravens. The fact that the Administrator doesn't seem very consistent in calling out those who make themselves guilty of insult of character on a regular basis, doesn't mean that you (and others) could not be finding yourself (yourselves) treading on thin ice. Be nice and be respectful even if you don't agree with someone else's views.
  14. Actually, I don't (my use of inverted commas should have hinted that already). Their behavior remains despicable nonetheless - that being the point.
  15. Attacks of cemeteries and places of worship are indeed also despicable. (And if you want to divert the attention from the opening post - that was specifically focused on Democrats not interested in respecting the democratic process - then go ahead and start your own topic for that). However, when it comes to unhinged liberals, it's an ongoing and repeated phenomena ever since Hillary's candidacy crashed ever so spectacularly. Violence and destruction of property can never be justified - not even by one's first amendment rights. Liberals clearly demonstrate their interpretation of the first amendment (by denying others theirs!). To wish the death of your president, to try to "bewitch" him, etc. isn't in the interest of oneself even if one disagrees with his political view, nor is it in the interest of the country as a whole - it is "un-american", it is thuggery and it is very much despicable. https://www.usnews.com/opinion/civil-wars/articles/2017-02-03/berkeley-protesters-show-free-speech-only-extends-to-liberals-on-campus http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/763086/Trump-protest-violence-left-wing-Nazis-right-wing http://conservativefiringline.com/milo-event-uc-davis-canceled-thanks-violent-liberal-protesters/ http://www.westernjournalism.com/charlie-daniels-warns-liberal-protesters-against-more-violence/
  16. Money order is what we know in SA as debit order. You provide your account details to your landlord and sign a permission for the money order to be set up against your current account. No need to go to the bank.
  17. Welcome to the US and their fear of identify theft. :-) Virtually no one will give you their account details for an EFT. If you don't have a decent credit score yet, cashier's checks are pretty much the norm. Once your credit is established, they might accept your usual bank checks too. (Btw, and don't ever forget to pay your dues on or before the due date...)
  18. http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/02/25/witches-cast-spell-donald-trump-crescent-moon-removal-office
  19. The senator also had harsh words for Washington Democrats, saying that many are "out of their minds." "They’re really angry. They’re angry not at Republicans, not even at Trump. They’re angry at the American people. They’re angry at the voters: ‘How dare you elect a Republican president and Republican majorities in both houses?’" Cruz said. "The Democrats are not in the mode of raising reasonable questions. They’re in the mode of losing their minds, of screaming – it’s not showing respect for the democratic process, it’s not showing respect for the voters. I think that’s unfortunate.
  20. http://www.charismanews.com/politics/opinion/63150-why-melania-trump-leading-the-public-in-the-lord-s-prayer-at-a-rally-in-florida-was-a-historic-event
  21. For I have not shunned to declare to you the whole counsel of God. Acts 20:27 How hard it must be for a doctor to tell a family who is anxiously awaiting news on the condition of a loved one, “I’m sorry. He didn’t make it.” How hard it must be to say to someone who just had a medical test, “I’m sorry, but you have cancer.” Yet a doctor must tell the truth. In the same way, it is hard at times to deliver the whole message of the gospel. The apostle Paul said he had not failed to declare the whole counsel of God. When we share the gospel, we like to say things like, “God loves you. He will give you peace, joy, forgiveness, and the hope of Heaven if you will receive Jesus Christ into your life.” But we avoid using the words Hell or judgment because we’re afraid people will get offended. However, the word gospel means “good news.” And before I can fully appreciate the good news, I need to fully know the bad news. Jesus did not come to this earth to be an additive in our lives. Jesus did not come just to give us warm, fuzzy emotional feelings. He primarily came to deliver us from an eternal judgment in Hell, and things like happiness, peace, and joy are fringe benefits. The big issue is eternity. We must not be afraid to tell people the truth—the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help us God. We have a message to share, and it isn’t always an easy one. God loves humanity. He is ready to forgive humanity. But if people reject His loving offer, then they seal their own fate and secure their judgment. And if we are going to be faithful to declare the whole counsel of God, then we must tell people that. Source: Greg Laurie Daily
  22. Correction to the heading of this topic: It should actually have read, "Some who say that they believe in Jesus, won't go to heaven" (or, "Some who "believe" in Jesus, won't go to heaven") as that is what I really tried to convey in my first posting in this thread (but which is incorrectly reflected in the heading of this topic - my apologies for that!) The Bible is clear that whosoever truly believes in Jesus WILL go to heaven. Rom 10:9 "If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved". Some people say that they believe in Jesus, but deep down they don't also believe it in their hearts; they don't really trust Him for their salvation. It is of these "believers" that Jesus spoke of in John 8 - refer again to the first posting in this thread. (James 2 says that even demons believe in Jesus and that they shudder - we know that demon believers certainly won't go to heaven...) Furthermore, we read in James 2:24, "You see that a person is considered righteous by what they do and not by faith alone". And in Matt. 7:18-20, "A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you will know them." Thus, one cannot claim to be a Christ believer and yet continue to live in sin in direct opposition to God's will as if there is nothing wrong with it, i.e. say that you're a "good tree", but continue to bear "bad fruit".
  23. Shaun, anyone who has placed their faith in Christ and trusted Him with their salvation has received the Holy Spirit. In their hearts they have the proof, the fellowship, the communion, the awareness and assurance of the inner presence of God. He is as real as I am typing here right now (You have never been told a greater truth in your life than what I am telling you here right now, nor will you ever be again. One day - regardless of whether we believed in Him or whether we rejected Him - we will all bow our knees before the one and only Creator that we all have in common). God is spirit and His reality is best experienced in the spirit, though He'll never enter a heart if He is not welcomed there. Without a belief in the existence of a supernatural deity, one is left only with a most ridiculous theory (evolution) to try to explain how everything came to be. Those that believe in it, claim to be realists; claim to be scientific, etc. Yet they can't (and never will be able to) scientifically explain the origins of E in E=mc2. The only credible explanation for it, is that it was supernaturally created by a force so great that the human mind cannot even begin to understand it.
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