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  1. Yup, that's what I told them - never heard of that, and don't believe its possible. I've been through the process a few times myself after all. Just thought I'd ask...
  2. Hi everyone, My parents are planning to come visit us in the US over Dec-Jan. When they applied for their passports, the lady at the Home Affairs office told them that we should apply for their visas on this side, because apparently it is easier and the fees are much less. Does anyone here know anything about how this works?
  3. Hello everyone Thanks for all the info. It has been rather hectic and I've hardly been back here on the site since arriving in the States. We arrived end of March, and within a few days we found a fantastic house, and were able to move in about a week after arriving. So after all the stressing it worked out great....even for our dogs The kids went to school for about a month before the summer vacation started, so at least got a taste of how things work here. And now they're ready for the start of the new school year (can't believe how time flies!). We're mostly settled, and soon I'll be starting to look for a job too. Its been a crazy ride, but its been fun
  4. Hi Lizel, Thanks for all that. Flowery Branch and the other areas around Lake Lanier have been at the top of our list since we began scouting, we've just been worried about the commute. I think we'll just do a lot of driving during peak times to get a feel for the traffic in that first few weeks I really hope we can live up that way. The packers will be here on Tuesday to pack up the house, and everyone is starting to get really excited now Now if we can just survive this crazy hectic phase and not go insane before we get on that plane!
  5. Hi there, Joining you in GA in just over a week!! Also from Cape Town
  6. Hi Bev, Thanks a lot for that. I'm a bit nervous about the whole high school in the US thing, cos basically the only reference we have is from the movies....and that's not always a pretty picture (bullying, cliques, teasing, etc.). But yes I know, that's not necessarily reality. Oh, and the accent thing: my kids don't have a SA accent. They grew up in Asia, and back here in SA everyone thinks they have an American accent! haha
  7. Thanks Spokie Yes I am on facebook, and never even thought of searching there.
  8. Hi Janneman, Yes we are aware of this, and that's why I am researching schools at the moment. I need to find out about most of the schools - its more a case of where Not to live really. We are bringing along two dogs, and that seems to narrow down our choices quite a bit. So its finding the best of the few choices we might have.
  9. Hi chickabee, Thanks for that. Yes I know that site - it has some great information. But I'd like to hear about some personal experiences though, and how the smaller schools compare to the bigger ones (especially since there seem to be very few smaller schools).
  10. Back in SA we have always had better experiences with the not-so-huge schools. We've been looking at schools so long (we'll be arriving in Atlanta end of March), and have noticed that most high schools have 2000-3000 students, and even noticed one with 4000+. That is pretty huge! What have been your experiences with high schools of that size? And specifically on the northern side of Atlanta? We are leaning towards the ones with less students (we've noticed one with 800 students), but not sure if that's best either. And yes, we know about school zoning, and are looking for rental houses in areas where we like the schools....just not sure which schools to like :-/
  11. We'll be arriving in Atlanta by the end of March. Will be staying in an extended stay hotel in Norcross while searching for a house to rent. We're already scouting on the internet, trying to get an idea of rental prices, etc., and do have a basic idea of the areas since we visited last year and did a fair amount of driving around scouting. But, you do not really get an idea of an area until you live there...I think. We will have 2 children attending high school and 1 in elementary or middle school, so schools are obviously an important factor. There will be a daily commute to Norcross (since my husband will be working in that area), and we are basically looking at the areas north of there. Anyone out there that knows these areas well, and can guide me a little about schools and suburbs? Most of these areas (and schools) look really nice, but are there some I should rather avoid? Anyone have children attending (or that have attended) any of the high schools?
  12. Ugh.....I meant to post this under the "Photos of Georgia" topic. Guess I shouldn't be doing this late at night...after a chocolate overload :-/
  13. OK this is great. The little chuckle I had over this "explanation" was what I needed to ease the state of "doubt" I'm feeling at the moment about our upcoming move....
  14. I found this folder and thought woohoo, but there is nothing in it....so decided to brighten it up a bit I just love all the outdoor art found everywhere.....this is one of my favourites in Atlanta.
  15. jeannine

    Arriving Soon

    Wow what a great response. Thanks everyone, I feel welcome already
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