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  1. The 'we' in the sentence is actually the complete opposite to me, I am not religious or do I possess any weapon but I do accept the way and feel extremely safe. I would be more concerned about the drug problem in the US than guns.
  2. I would not worry about it, living in the South gun culture is a big thing. The majority believe that "we believe in the bible and the right to protect ourselves. These people believe in the same values that we did in the 70's & 80's so let it be, I have never felt safer anywhere else in the world. Get over it 'it is what it is' you won't change it, accept it don't try to change the culture and you will live a normal existence.
  3. Haven't been on for a long time. Finally popped out of the storm cloud and life is normalizing. It's not easy, credit is an issue at first, safety is not an issue depending where you live but on the whole you are very safe compared to SA. Weather here is hot at the moment, but definite 4 seasons to the year. Notable work ethic, which is cool, dealt with too many useless individuals in the past. Things happen on a large scale, very quickly in construction. You just have to break into the system and life becomes a whole lot easier.
  4. If you are looking at the construction industry, start researching the permit process, submittal, environmental and code (building code) for the specific industry, waterproofing in your case. Ask your prospective employer if they run any estimating programs, Primavera P6 would be an advantage if you were to look at an estimating position in a larger organisation eg. a general contractor. Research US products and methods on Youtube.
  5. We have downloaded a Skype app onto our iphone, buy Skype credit and make the call, a half hour call cost about $6. This was from the US to SA.
  6. The majority of SA people that we have spoken to say that it takes up to 3 years to settle in. The way we have viewed things is that the first 6 months is the honeymoon period, then life becomes a little bit bumpy and unsettled. You soon realise that the US is not going to give you that job that you had in SA, many people are doing work completely opposite to what they are qualified for and way below their capabilities and/or qualifications. You have to 'vasbyt' and get through this period and slowly the benefits of moving start to emerge. We made the move for our children's benefit, both are extremely happy and seem to have had a much softer landing than we have, from our side crime is not an issue, the cost of fuel has decreased steadily since our arrival and the general cost of living is stable. My advice to you is make the US your annual holiday destination to try and preserve your residence status.
  7. Forget about finding somewhere that compares to Knysna or Camps Bay, you won't find it. Charleston has a lot of historic value, wide open beaches with no waves and lots of tourists. Savannah GA I have not been to, but a work colleague said it was also very touristy and historic but a very enjoyable holiday. As for the Fukushima issue, nothing on our local news. But international news outside of the US doesn't exist apart from terror attacks in France, Middle East issues or major news like Malaysia Air disasters. Bear in mind all of the Gulf oil spill was "cleaned up" or mysteriously disappeared, so who knows. Charlotte has 2 lakes which would offer watersports to an inland degree, coastal cities are within 3 hrs, as for seafood online orders can have fish delivered and most supermarkets have a seafood section.
  8. The majority of people from up north and there are lots in the Carolinas, say that the main reasons for them moving south is the weather and property tax up north.
  9. Nothing wrong with the West cost. My comment 'West coast with earthquakes was not worth considering' was our personal reason to not consider California because of the possibility of earthquakes in the region, you are more qualified than I am Malumute having lived there, but I will still take my chances with a tornado in Tega Cay.
  10. Weather plays a big part in the equation. Many people in our area have moved to the Carolinas from up North because of the weather and the cost of living. Our choice was based on weather, we wanted to be below the snow line. Last winter we had 3 days of the white stuff, day 1 was fun, day 2 was when is this going to stop and day 3 well never mind. West coast with earthquakes was not worth considering, check the cost of property insurance in this area, maybe locals could add comment on this. I have family in Florida but have always viewed it as 'tourist town', but having lived in Durban most of my life a change was in order. Our other choice was Denver Colorado.
  11. It is all about opportunities, would we have the same in SA? I never expected the landing to be smooth and like most of us, sooner or later you hit the rough patch. In our case the first to benefit have been our children, one of the reasons we came here in the first place. My son is following his dream of working in NYC and my daughter is at an Ivy League College, both are extremely happy and making the most of their opportunities. We always focus on positives, safety, security, new things that we discover every week. Two weeks back we saw Liverpool play AC Milan, tomorrow its a Linkin Park concert, maybe tonight at 8.30 we will take a walk around the golf course without locking our door, not that we forget but its just the way things happen. My advice to selectees is not to come without some financial backup, if you are family orientated then life could become extremely tough with loved ones left in SA and if you are over 50 it gets more difficult to get employed. As for Americans, we are friendly with more people in our neighbourhood than we were with in our neighbourhood in SA.
  12. gmdbn

    Greetings - Introduction

    Parking is a major issue in DC and I have to agree with Oscar on the commute, seen the traffic build-up at rush hour and have had a 2 hour delay in trying to get out of the Washington area due to roadworks and traffic volumes on the 95. I would consider looking at renting an apartment in the Woodley Park area, if the Metro is full you could always walk to work.
  13. In order to cash in RA's or take out more than the allocated travel allowance you have to emigrate officially. The other factor that could come back at you is, if you are a beneficiary of an estate then proceeds cannot be transferred if things are not done officially. We split the process between us, my wife did it officially and I did not.
  14. We arrived mid month, the rental company wanted us to pay for the current month ie. 1/2 month plus 1 month deposit, with no credit history (This was for NC). As far as vehicle insurance goes be prepared to get nailed for the first 6 months, my suggestion is to have one vehicle with insurance for both of you to drive. We also saved on premiums by moving across the state line to SC, our initial premium was about $300 per month for 4 of us and we now pay $59 per month.
  15. Current means that all numbers come into play. The number 45600 is the highest number that will be considered for May (or whatever the month is), by the time September comes they may not have issued all the visas so they will use the term 'current' ie. all numbers are considered.
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