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  1. Thanks for all the info guys. Wrote my final paper for my Btech and waiting on results. If I pass I guessing I'll continue with an Mtech. Have a great day!
  2. Thanks for clarifying Boer08 Correct me if I'm wrong ... as I understand it once I complete my Btech this year, I have what would be considered a 4year Bachelors as it took me four years to complete. In your experience did you have your SA qualifications accredited to a US equivilant - assuming you went over with SA qualifications.
  3. Ah I see. that's quite depressing. I guess the only thing I can do is plough ahead with my Btech. At least it would be considered a Bachelors at first glance. And if luck's on my side study in the US.
  4. Thanks for responding Fiela. I get what you're saying ... But I have to differ. The National Diploma I did was at a Technikon and took me three years. Yes I do agree that when most people think of a diploma they think of a two year type. It's a common misconception. According to the SA Qualifications Authority Bsc CompSci and ND IT share the same NQF level 6. And if you do a Btech - which I'm doing currently - you can study towards a Masters at a University Msc Comp Sci for example.
  5. Hi everyone, I discovered this site http://www.evaluationworld.com/ Was wondering if it was worth looking into? Has anyone used them or a similar site? Also does anyone have an idea what a ND or Btech equivalent would be in the US? I hold a ND in Information Technology (Software Development) and I'm currently working in the online makerting sector. As I understand it ... In SA a ND is similar to a Bachelors - although oriented towards practical application and Btech similar to a University Bachelors (honours). I'm working towards getting an H1B visa via my company as well as entering the DV lottery but I do not want to put all my eggs in one basket. So I'm also trying to apply for jobs myself with the help of my uncle in the US. Sorry for the long winded question :-) any advise would be appreciated. Many thanks,
  6. Hi everyone, New to the site and Loving it! It's answered so many of my questions. Applied today for DV-2012 today! (For the first time) fingers crossed. Also looking at applying for the H1B visa as I work for an American based company. I have an 8month old son. Was difficult getting him to face the camera for the required picture lol! but finally managed to take one that was accepted by the system Phew! Good luck to everyone that applied!! Now for the wait ... Boni
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