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  1. Candidate


    Oh my - just a few days to wait! I hope my kids get in! Good Luck to everyone who entered - but please can my babies win!
  2. Shamus have a look at Canada - I want my kids to try Canada. Apparently Germany is also relatively easy to get in to. I so understand how you feel. My kids also not selected this year. Makes me want to go "home" - I miss them. Keep us posted.
  3. Candidate

    2017 Lottery

    Anyone in yet? W-a-i-t-i-n-g to hear if my kids made it!!! Server busy is killing me lol
  4. Sorry to hear that. It is really different here. You cannot expect it to be the same... it never will be. I live close to Charlotte NC and I don't ever feel unsafe. I walk on my own in the forest at 6 most mornings. Its very conservative (which is the most scary thing about living here) but it's really easy. I miss my family and I hope they win this year - I CANNOT live without them. If you change your attitude (saying it nicely) it will change how you feel about living here. It will never he home. never. Don't be so hard on yourselves, it's ok to not be ok. How can we help you settle down? What's your biggest hangup? Do you work? Friends? Are you living in a lesser area than you lived in in SA? That has happened to many of us, but it's not forever. There are lots of South Africans in Miami - find the groups and go and embrace our peeps. I must say I miss home and what I left behind. It is very different at home now, even in the 4 + years I have been here. My lifestyle has changed a lot, but it's not forever, I will have my lifestyle back and more! You will too. Leave Florida if it's not for you - there are 50 States here and one will fit you perfectly. One day I will move to Washington State or Oregon and I know it will be a better fit for me than the Carolinas.
  5. I must say Australia is culturally similar to South Africa where as America is worlds apart and takes a lot of adjusting. Good luck with the lottery. We have also entered. The USA was number 1 on our list of countries to move to but 2 weeks ago we were granted our permanent residency visa to Australia so at the moment it is full steam ahead with plans and researching Australia. We are going on a validation trip in July this year. But we are truly uncertain what we will do if we somehow win the green card lottery. I think its the 3rd May Please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the results are only released on May 5th ? We have entered. The 3rd of May have been noted on my calendar. Eeeek! It's getting so close to the draw date now! Holding thumbs! Good luck! Hope this year is your lucky one!
  6. My kids have entered and I can hardly wait for the results! Who else is waiting? How are you feeling? What happens if you win? What do you need to know from us who previously won?
  7. My daughter applied for a re-entry permit, it took 30 days to get the appointment for biometrics, but when the letter arrived for a date into the future we just went into the office with her appointment letter and they did the biometrics while we waited, 3 weeks earlier than her appointment date. My daughter is studying in SA so you can get a re-entry. It was posted to us here in the USA and I took it over when we visited this year.
  8. Wow, so exciting!!!!! Happy for you winners - its a huge life change, an incredible roller coaster and such a wonderful adventure! get your paperwork together now!.. yayayayayay for y'all
  9. Awwww, neither selected... sigh... will try again this year... Any news MellyMikey?
  10. My older daughter and my younger daughters boyfriend are in the lottery this year - due to announce from the 5th May. I am just waiting to hear when / if they win... getting so excited and I know I shouldn't... but please can they win... pretty please with a cherry on top!!
  11. Hi there, Did that in December and no visa required in transit.. Its a long day, but it soon passes. Have fun!
  12. Hope you got my message and thank you for yours.. its all going to be ok. I've been there done that.
  13. Hi there, I had exactly that happen to us - I live in Charlotte NC
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