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  1. Have not been here in a LONG time... Just want to say we are doing well... busy buying a farm... after 24 months in the US... Please check out our Facebook page Hippo Hollow Farms... Knersus... Hope you will come and visit!

    1. treverly


      Well done - glad you have settled well.

    2. SJ27
    3. stana


      Congratulations. Keep us posted. Seems a long time since you visited us in Barberton.


  2. DV2012 winners, who of you are planning your move? Anyone sometime soon? Would like to know how your emotions are doing whilst wrapping everything up where you are now.

  3. Please guys, we really need some help! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hi all If you have a large family, please share your budget with us please!!! We have 4 kids, they will be 2,4,6 and 12 when we move. I love to cook, so will cook all my own food, no take-aways. We will be self-employed thus paying for our own health insurance, any tips in this regard will help! We are not big spenders and do not want to live way up there with the Jones's but we also do not want to starve. We have to submit a budget plan on the costs of living in Tennnessee to our family business partners. Any help on what to budget for and what to expect to pay will be most helpfull! Thanks
  5. JoeandKie


    Jy is altyd staamaker! Dankie!
  6. JoeandKie


    Helloooooaaa, anyone out there? Anyone!
  7. Hunterblu We booked our tickets 3 months in advance, we paid R26500 for 2, short flight via Dakar to Washington DC. For our final one-way flight, I bought tickets from Qatar for R35000 in total.
  8. Yes it is, we are leaving on Wednesday without our 4 kids and will return at the end of October.
  9. JoeandKie


    I need info on which companies I can contact for a small container. Has anyone done this. Costs?
  10. Thank you Rusties!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Anyone from Delaware on the forum?

  12. Anyone from Delaware on the forum?

  13. Hey guys... This is real cool... So as the class of 2012, let us keep up supporting one another on this journey ahead. For flights, visit www.hipmunk.com. They give a summary of all the airlines as their prices, there is also a price graph that tells you which days of the particular month is cheaper. If you only want to ship some boxes or so, try seven seas worldwide shipping, a few of our friends used it. They deliver the boxes to your home and collect again. I plan to take 15 large boxes, 15 standard boxes, a bicycle boxed and guitar in hardcase... all is less than R27 000. Which is not that bad. I am going to get quotes from the IOM (international organisatin for migration) and see if they have better prices with more luggage allowance. Will keep you posted. We are going to US in July for 2 weeks to finalise a few things and plan to leave with the kids at thye end of October.
  14. Yahooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Interview is over, walked out with 6 passports and 6 envelopes and hour and half after our interview was completed. They did not even take all the papers we prepared to prove financial support, amazing! Let the journey begin now, we have also not told many people, our community is going to be shocked...
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